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2015 diets (sorry)

(Sasha Garrett) #441

I always think of lasagne as taglitelli that hasn’t been cut up - just take a pair of scissors or sharp knife to it (soak in some water if its the dry and crunchy sort first) if you can’t think of an actual lasagne recipe for it.

(Plumporridge) #442

That’s a good idea Sacha. I think I’ll be making a tomato based sauce with some roasted veg, maybe aubergines, courgettes, things like that.

I’m very impressed that my order for the Slim Rice etc has arrived this morning, very quick delivery.

(Liz Dyson) #443

Mine arrived first thing this morning, too, so I’m looking forward to trying them out.

(Deborah Jones) #444

I have a vegan recipe for spinache and almond lasagne that might work with it. I can pass it on if you fancy.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #445

Its been about 4 months since i started to watch what I eat and its all gone very much out the window. I need to get back into the right frame of mind.
I could be alot less heavy if Id stuck to it. I need motivation thogh, will power seems to have taken a holiday.

(Deborah Jones) #446

I have been slack too , and the scales have started creeping back up.
Must try harder.

(Plumporridge) #447

Yes please Deborah. I’m very partial to tuna and spinach lasagne, so spinach and almond sounds very interesting!

(Deborah Jones) #448

(Plumporridge) #449

Thanks Deborah. Looks good, I love mushrooms too.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #450

Ive tried to get back into a diet frame of mind. Ive been active today, just played in teh garden with my niece and nephew and didnt have too much for dinner, no pudding. Plus I threw away some crisps that came with a roll the other day.
Odd question. Im trying not to drink to many fizzy drinks as my teeth are rotting(tmi) and need a substitute, does coffee have a bad effect on teeth, apart from possible staining. And does it suppress the appetite or is that a myth?

(Deborah Jones) #451

I think the only real problem with coffee is staining , it can work as an appetite suppressant , but can end up giving you the shakes if you are not eating much.(and makes you pee alot ,which can be annoying)
Green or white tea much better , it suppresses appetite, is good for detoxing - you don’t need milk in it -so less calories, and no staining. One tea bag can make about a litre of tea , so it is worth making a flask and drinking it throughout the day.

If you like fizz why not switch to fizzy water ?

(Liz Dyson) #452

Green tea has never worked as an appetite suppressant for me. I drink gallons of the stuff and I really want to believe in the detoxing and appetite suppressing stuff, but it’s all a load of old bunkum for me.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #453

@DeborahJonesJewellery Its not really the fizzy that I like( I burp alot anyway) but the taste. Its the citric acid thats ruining my teeth. I tried fizzy water ages ago and didnt lke it but Il try it again, I may like it this time round and it may be a good substitute.

(Deborah Jones) #454

Shame it doesn’t work for you Liz , strange how we are all so different.
I couldn’t get through my fast days without it.

(Sasha Garrett) #455

@PoisonedAppleJewellery Try putting a slice of lemon or lime in the fizzy water, it will give you the citrusy flavour but with far less acid than fizzy drinks (which often contain phosphoric acid as well as citric acid and the chemist in me could go on but I won’t). Slice the lemon/lime and then pop it in the freezer you then have your slice and icecube in one. You could also try adding lemon balm leaves or mint leaves to give it some flavour.
Not all fizzy waters taste the same so you might want to try different brands to see if there is one you like the taste of but avoid all the flavoured waters.

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #456

Thanks @SashaGarrett

(Suzanne Francis) #457

I have never been on a diet before, just eased up but I’ve always maintained a fairly balanced diet. I’ve been very slim all my life until recently , the last year I would say - the weight has just slowly crept up on me (I turned 40 last week, so maybe that is playing its part) Anyway I read in depth about the 5:2 diet and thought the science behind it all made a lot of sense and like the idea of all the other health benefits too (not just more room in your jeans!)

Anyway today was/is my first fast day, I found the middle of the day around 2.30 to 4 really difficult, I kept goinf to the cupboard, then remembering im not supposed to eat anything! but since 4 pm the hunger has disappeared and I also did some high intensity training on the exercise bike, and felt great afterwards _ I though I would keel over and faint , but the opposite happened, I was really surprised.

I found fruit tea helped me through the bad patch, and chewing a bit of sugar free gum (is that allowed?) I’ve also drank 2 cups of black coffee (really disgusting) but I missed the caffeine, so just got it down! I usually like it very milky and sweet.

Is anyone else currently on this fast diet?

Suzanne :o)

(Suzanne Francis) #458

Ok I’ve just spotted a few ‘FAST’ words among the posts, so some of you are doing it! how is it going?

(Deborah Jones) #459

Hi Suzanne , I have been trying it on and off this year, I was very strict in Jan and lost a stone.
Since then I have been a bit slacker as I have reintroduced the odd bottle of wine , I now do more of a 4:3 but with probably about 800 cals .
I’ve gone from size 16 trousers back down to 12s so am pretty happy.

(Plumporridge) #460

Yes, me too with the fasting, although we (hubs and I) just fast (500 calories) for one day a week. We have been doing it for well over a year, I have lost about 5lbs and now maintaining my ideal weight, and he has lost well over 1 and a half stone and looks fantastic.

The weight loss is slow so you have to stick with it. However, it’s something we can see ourselves doing for the rest of our days, because it’s only one day a week, whereas I couldn’t maintain a calorie controlled diet all the time.

We were on holiday a couple of weeks ago and actually looked forward to fast day when we came back!

I used to find afternoons difficult too and used to get a headache, but it gets easier. Remember to keep well hydrated.