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2015 diets (sorry)

(Thedotterypotter) #421

Hiya. My slimming story - ! was always a size 10-12 until about 2006 when I developed agoraphobia and started eating lots to try and cope with things. Realised that I had gone up to almost a size 18 in 2012, so I joined Slimming World. Lost 3 stone in 6months and reached my target weight of 9 stone in Dec 2012.

I have battled to stay at target ever since, so a few weeks ago, I upped my target weight by 4Ibs to 9stone 4. I now have 3Ibs to lose to get to my new target.

I’m easily swayed by kit-kats, biscuits, cakes and chocolate so if I have a really good day, I end up rewarding myself the next day with something cakey. This is why I have trouble staying at target.

I need a really big kick up the bum as it is costing me £5 a week to dither around with a few pounds!

(Grimm Exhibition) #422

@thedotterypotter Cripes, well done. Ive been trying for weeks and I dont think Ive lost anything really(my scales are stupid) and I definately have problems avoiding chocolate. But I also had chicken and salad for lunch and salmon n salad for dinner so I reckon I do ok at times.
Good luck losing the final bit of weight, just think what crafty things you could buy with that extra £5 in your pocket.

(Deborah Jones) #423

That is really good going Sarah , you have done well to stay that close to your target in the last few years.
Maintaining is the hard part.

(Thedotterypotter) #424

Thanks - yes, I should be pleased that I have stayed roughly around target for 2 1/2 years. I think for me, I need to conquer my psychological attachment to the food really. If I’m stressed I eat something sweet, if I’ve done really well at something I reward myself with something sweet - lol! Grapes just don’t always cut it!

(Plumporridge) #425

Good morning, I’m here to report on the Slim Rice! It looked like rice, has no flavour that I could tell and it was softer than normal rice. We had it with a chicken in sauce that I buy from Tesco, so it was nice with the tomatoey sauce to flavour it. The packet says serves 1-2, we had a packet each and that was about right. I just put it on the plates and heated it, so was nice and easy. At 20 calories, I’ll definitely be using it again on fast days. Hope everyone has a good diet day today! xxx

(Grimm Exhibition) #426

Its weigh in day. Ive decided to believe the scales today as they say Im 12st 4lbs, from my start weight which was nearer 13st. They are good scales today, i shall give them a present.

(Margaret Jackson) #427

Congratulations Grimm, you’ve done brilliantly! :smile:

(Deborah Jones) #428

Well done Grimm !
I am trying again ,now I am almost off the pain meds.
I have crept down a little bit in the last few days, shrinking my intake so that I can cope with fasting again. Still got about a 2 stone to go 'till I’m my ideal weight.

(Sasha Garrett) #429

As a group of ladies who have probably tried most (hopefully non extreme) methods of weight loss I was wondering what you made of this report in the news
Have any of you ever tried loosing weight solely through increased exercise or a combination of exercise and diet? I only see calorie counting/ diet management going on here. I should confess that I am the sort of person who has struggled to gain weight and picked up bad eating habits in the process which is what leads most people to weight gain (but are much less of an issue if you are significantly under weight). It was through exercise (quite a lot of exercise) and a balanced diet that I actually managed to get to a good weight and a healthy ratio of muscle to fat. So I was wondering if anyone had done it to loose weight or if exercise only really helps to maintain weight.

(Deborah Jones) #430

I would tend to agree with the article , so much food and drink on offer is so unhealthy and lacking in nutrition that no amount of exercise could counter it .Even things that used to be healthy are now stuffed full of hydrogenated fats and glucose syrup and other cheap obese making ingredients.
One meal at a Mcdonalds type place is about 1500 calories , and some people have it daily or two at a time.

I found exercise helped me maintain a healthy weight (4-5 hours a week aerobics and basketball and swimming ), but it alone wouldn’t lose it.We did eat a very healthy diet then too though.

I started gaining weight after stopping most of exercise due to injuries, and getting in the bad habit of drinking daily as relaxation during a gruelling couple of years of family members being sick and dying.
So returning to good habits and increasing daily exercise should help , although losing it seems to be much harder in middle age.

(Plumporridge) #431

I think exercise is absolutely essential, not just for weight loss, but your whole well being. It not only burns off calories, but it makes your bod look better too! I go to the gym twice a week ( I have a painful body so most times I would like not to go), but afterwards I feel wonderful and I know I would be a lot worse if I didn’t go. Although I have always been active, I didn’t exercise regularly until 8 years ago and now at 57, I have started a little bit of treadmill running and am definitely feeling the benefits. Increased stamina is one, and I’m maintaining a steady weight. I wish I had done it years ago, so I would say to everyone, don’t waste another day. You don’t have to go to the gym, I was once told “you go outside, you walk for ten minutes and then you walk back”!

(Plumporridge) #432

I have put on about 4lbs this week because I’ve been on holiday. It was such lovely healthy food, lots of fish, fresh fruit and veg, but I don’t think I should have eaten quite so much of it! We went to the gym and swam a lot though, so it could have been worse. Gym tonight, then back on the wagon tomorrow with a fast day. How are you all doing?

(Grimm Exhibition) #433

I decided last night to get back to eating properly (again) things have gone a bit astray the last few weeks.
I also saw a pic of myself from a pals wedding this morning from a year ago. I hate the way I lookin it, like a stupid blob, and nothings changed since then. If only Id started eating better a year ago, it would all be over.

(Pauline Hayward) #434

My weight loss seems to have kicked started again, I’ve only got 5lbs to loose and that’s my target done. If I loose more than that I’ll be happy. I think if I got on my treadmill it would go a lot faster. I shall be on holiday soon but I’m determined not to put on the weight.

(Plumporridge) #435

Morrisons have several of their chilled soups at 99p and £1, some are around 100 calories a serving. For lunch today we had Glorious San Antonia Fiesta, it was delicious, hot and spicy and was so meaty in texture that I’m wondering if I could use it for next week’s fast day to make a vegetable chilli and have it with Slim Rice.

(Liz Dyson) #436

Eat Water are offering BOGOF on all their Slim Rice/Pasta/Noodles range until 21st May. If you spend more then £10, you also get 2 packs of Slim Lasagne for free. Delivery charge £3.99 Plus you get to download their cook book - which I nearly bought.

(Plumporridge) #437

Ooh, thanks for letting us know. I’m off to investigate now. xxx

(Plumporridge) #438

I’ve ordered rice, noodles and pasta, and with the lasagne that’s fast day sorted for a couple of weeks! Have you tried the lasagne?

(Liz Dyson) #439

I’ve not tried this range, just the Bare Naked Noodles, which do have a slightly odd fishy smell to them, so I’m hoping these ones don’t. Mind you, they are made with the same root, so I’m not holding out much hope, but you gotta try these things.

(Plumporridge) #440

I didn’t like the smell of the Bare Naked noodles when I opened them, but it seemed to go when I rinsed them.

I’m trying to think up a recipe for the lasagne! I suppose there will be suggestions on the packet.