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2016 Diet/healthy eating

(Grimm Exhibition) #21

@plumporridge Thanks, I bought the zip today, I hope its as easy to insert as Im imagining it is.

I had a funny turn this morning. I went to get my breakfast and had to support myself against the counter top. I managed to get a drink of water, then managed to stagger to the sofa and have a sit down and a drink, but went very clammy and sweaty, pale and my breathing was fast. I felt very woosy as if I was going to black out, rather scary. Ive decided I need to eat more so today Im not watching what I eat. Im thoroughly enjoying it.

I wish I understood apps. Do you have to have a smart phone to have apps? @imapico

(Imapico) #22

Yes, you need a smartphone…

(Sarah Lambert) #23

@GrimmExhibition I find porridge fills me up- if you get those microwavable sachets they’re great with a bit of fresh fruit and keep your blood sugar levels up to so you don’t feel woozy.

I haven’t been weighing myself but have used the tape measure and I’ve lost an inch from my waist and 1/2 an inch from bust and hips+ my bp had dropped a lot when I went to have my blood tests done.So feeling quite positive.

(Grimm Exhibition) #24

Thanks @plainprimitives Il give it a try.

Ive tried out a new meal, surprisingly I half loaded my plate with salad which I ate but the rest was made up of avocado with crab sticks and balsamic vinegar. Very yummy, I ate it all up. I know avocados can be calorific but they have other health benefits.

(Grimm Exhibition) #25

My diet hasn’t gone too well this week. It doesn’t help that I baked a coffee cake.
But I have bought artificial sweetener, CAnderel. Im trying to work out how much of it I need in things like my herbal tea(2kcals per teaspoon). Luckily I don’t tend to add sugar to much really, except tea, but nice that I can now put cinnamon toast back on my menu.

a few minutes later… I seem to be adding calories to myself, as I use hermasetas in my tea before and they have 0 calories!!

(Sarah Lambert) #26

@GrimmExhibition Mine was going really well until the other day when a friend arrived with a custard danish!

Lost another half inch from my bust though :blush: (smug-ish)

(Plumporridge) #27

Haha, that’s funny! Sounds like you are doing well though, all the little changes must make a difference

Thinking about your coffee cake though, you could try something like Half Spoon for baking.

(Grimm Exhibition) #28

How are things going with you all?

Im trying to get back to better eating.
I still live with my parents(Im 40, I know, shameful isn’t it)and when they go away on holiday I find it easier to plan what Im going to eat eg salad, , as Im happy to eat whatever mums cooking when they are here eg a balanced diet but not consisting of low calorie items.
So, over the weekend I said Id like to sort out my own food for the next month and see if I can make an actual dent in my waistline.


(Plumporridge) #29

We have our fast day tomorrow and I’m going to make a ratatouille to have in the evening with some of the ‘Eat Water’ pasta. I have bought aubergine today, haven’t cooked with it before but have seen lots of advice like slice it and sprinkle with salt beforehand, or cube and soak in brine. Anyone here know anything about aubergine? Is the salt thing a necessity?

(Bojanglies) #30

It used to be, but I think they’ve been bred (do you breed aubergines?! maybe cultivated is the word I need!) to remove the bitterness, so you no longer need to salt them.

I’ve joined a fat club at my gym - the first 2 weigh ins I lost nothing, but managed 5lb last week

(Annie Storkey) #31

I never salt aubergines.

(Plumporridge) #32

Wow! You’ve done so well to lose 5lb like that. And that’s really interesting about the aubergines, thank you, I’m looking forward to my ratatouille a bit more now!

(Plumporridge) #33

That’s a step I can cut out then, I thought it seemed a lot of messing about unless absolutely necessary. Thanks.

(Sarah Lambert) #34

We used to salt them when I trained at catering college years ago but I can’t remember why. I never do now.

I’m still following the NHS choices guidelines and my bust is still diminishing while my bum remains resolutely large. I’ll be triangular soon.

(Bojanglies) #35

I’ve got my next weigh-in tomorrow, following a very heavy weekend involving a hen party…
I’m not holding out any hope for another loss!

(Susan Bonnar) #36

Well done on your 5lbs @bojanglies

I don’t salt aubergines either - I think it was to draw the moisture out. I chop and fry in firelight for my moussaka!

I struggled last week during half term and missed weigh in as I was over target! Didn’t want to be forced to lose it or pay by this week! Hopefully will have lost it and can go & weigh. I think it keeps me on the straight and narrow!

@plainprimitives your comment made me smile Sarah! If only we could choose where it goes and where it stays! I went from a 40D to a 34B on my journey! No way did my bum shrink that amount!!!

(Bojanglies) #37

Well, I’ve just had the weigh-in after the hen-party…

2lbs on this week!!

(Sarah Lambert) #38

Hi Susan, I used to be a 34 b years ago. I’m hoping to become one again :slightly_smiling:

My tummy seems to be shrinking too thank goodness, but I’m restricting my measuring to once a fortnight as I think once a week is too much.

@bojanglies I don’t restrict myself socially as I think tea and cake or wine, or cocktails, with friends are one of life’s great pleasures.

(Bojanglies) #39

I can say with some certainty that I didn’t restrict myself too much this weekend!
2 bottles of wine, 4 cocktails, and a three course meal later…

But there’s no point in being utterly miserable when you’re out with people, no matter how many times the gym man tries to convince me that you should plan your meals, and just not go out if there’s nothing suitable on the menu

(Sarah Lambert) #40

I’d just look at him and smile sweetly.