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'413 Request Entity Too Large' error

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #1

Has anyone else had this problem whilst trying to list today?

I waited until the photo problem was over to re launch my shop.
I’ve tried adding a listing, it has 5 photos (all resized, only about 400k each), and a good chunk of text- but that shouldn’t matter.

I get this when trying to preview, I haven’t reported it yet but will do once I’ve taken the dog a walk! :wink:

(Roz) #2

Listed a new item earlier today no problem and just created a new draft listing as far as preview stage, also no problem. Hope it resolves itself for you.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #3

I managed to list via Firefox in the end. I won’t delete the thread incase anyone else using Safari finds this problem- so they can see that using another browser might help. :slight_smile:

(Thats Sew Chic) #4

I had trouble when my description was too long, I shortened it and it worked…x

(Dani Fox) #5

I’ve not seen this message, but I’ve had lots of problems trying to list items today.
Every time I was half way through writing a description the page would reload and I’d lose everything.
Also the pictures would load up, then say error, then disappear.
I was very close to chucking my computer out the window at one point.
I’m thinking it was because they were doing some maintenance or something? I hope tomorrow its working smoothly :slight_smile:

(Irmy) #6

I’m just trying to upload a photo to a new listing and have this error message every single time I try.
I’m using Safari and it is not the first time I’m having this problem.
My descriptions are very short and i tried to upload just one picture. Also the workaround of copying an existing listing and using it as a template doesn’t work for me anymore.

Thanks for leaving the thread open, I will try Chrome or Firefox now.

(Sian ) #7

Sorry about this, we’ve just identified a bug on Safari 5 which prevents upload of images over 1MB and we’re investigating it. In the meantime, I’m afraid that means you either need to upgrade to Safari 6 (if you are running Snow Leopard on your Mac, you won’t be able to do this, unfortunately), reduce images to under 1MB, or use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox temporarily.