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Problem loading photos

(Dawn Marshall) #1

I have spent the last half hour trying to list a card and the photo wont load,Is anyone else having problems

(Deborah Jones) #2

Lots of us are having problems there is the thread from yesterday called “pictures again”

the problem has been reported to support.

(Karen Ellam) #3

I had the same problem last night Dawn. I was hoping it would be fixed by now :frowning:
Fingers crossed the error will be resolved soon. I’m on a mission to list some new items :slight_smile:


(Roz) #4

I was having problems last night but when I reduced the size of the photo they then loaded OK. Never had to do that before but might be worth a try.

(Kim Blythe) #5

I’m having trouble too.
Have modified the pictures…they are only about 1.6 MB and the maximum is 4MB so they should be ok…
but no luck. :frowning:

(Louise Foot) #6

Yep, me too. Tried repeatedly yesterday evening & just now. So frustrating

(Sharonj19) #7

Me too :frowning: I haven’t been listing my latest items because I find it is frequently a chore.i tried to list a new item a few nights ago but soon gave up.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #8

I’m having trouble changing my shop banner, I thought it was because I was trying to change it on Safari (my facebook page cover/profile photo and folksy forum pictures won’t load on safari for some reason) but I tried it on Firefox and there was still a problem so I assume it might be a Folksy problem.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #9

There is an ongoing issue with photos - and already a (very full) thread about this which is pinned to the top of “Shop Talk”. @sianfolksy posted recently, that they are working hard to resolve the problems. I recommend finding the pinned post and following it ( Anybody having problems adding pics to new listings? )

(Sarah Eves) #10

I had trouble with loading photos yesterday - I couldn’t load them at high resolution, but by reducing the resolution of each photo manually they loaded as normal.

Sarah x

(Lesley Bywater) #11

Thanks Sarah

I have just reduced the size of my photos and managed to upload them


(Dawn Marshall) #12

i notice people are saying to reduce the size of file…how do i do that please

(Roz) #13

Depends on what OS etc you are using but most photo editing software has the ability to set the size (in pixels). I use the photo viewer on safari and there is an option to set the size in the editing there.


(Textile Traveler) #14

I have tried reducing the size but they are still loading the wrong way. Any tips? My shop is new and I have many items to list on the run up to Xmas but am wondering if it is a good idea,

(Esterina Kearse) #15

Help! is anyone having trouble loading pictures? xx

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #16

Me too and I am getting really fed up with technology. In fact I am considering becoming a hippy and having no technology at all because it is doing nothing for my blood pressure !!!

(Sian ) #17

@Craftaholic @SamsGemstoneJewellery - current issue looks like a problem at our end. Bear with us, we’re working on it!

(Ellie Whitehead) #18

Phew thought it was just me!

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #19

Hi Sian, thanks for letting us know. Incidentally my comment wasn’t aimed at you ( Folksy) Had internet issues all weekend and nearly had a mass walkout at work because the new systems we were being made to use ( which we told them wouldn’t work last Thursday when they rolled it out) kept crashing the network so we were getting nothing but complaints from customers. The finally agreed to revert back to the old system when we told them we would walk out if they didn’t get rid of it !!! As you can imagine the last few days have been very stressful and all caused by technology :slight_smile:

(Sian ) #20

Sorry - that took longer than expected! It was an issue with one of the image servers which was fixed last night. Everything should be back to normal this morning. Closing this thread as it relates to an old issue from October but if you have any new issues with images, please start a new thread if you wish and also report the problem to or email us at

Thank you :blush: