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(Sian ) #1

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(Kellen Hakhroo) #2

I love the crystals I work with, letting go of favourites is always hard - until I make my next necklace!

(Claire Louise Fairall) #3

the love of your craft shines through in your lovely work- no wonder you struggle to part with them.

(Lily Maes) #4

I make many clips, sweet and pretty to character clips x

(Muranomagic) #5

I love painting and always want my artwork to go to a good home. So far my snowpeople have been very popular so I decided to make some greetings cards using my designs. Each card is individually packaged and has a little caption on the front (all my paintings have titles too!

Polli x

(Astrid Huxham ) #6

(One Little Pug) #7

This is the first time that I have tried to join in with this showcase link. Still finding my way round Folksy!
Today I am promoting my new Pug card featuring a photograph of Henry mounted onto a black card blank and decorated with heart shaped ribbon. Everyone loves a Pug???

(Seasaltgifts) #8

Hi here at Seasalt gifts we have launched this week our brand new “creative cushion” which include a pack of textile pens to really bring colour to your cushions.

Victoria xx

(Handmadetileco) #9

love these!

(Itsybitzy) #10

Just returning to Folksy after quite a long absence and after a busy wedding season, we hope to at last start making some Christmassy items to list in our ‘rather empty shop just now’ Eeek !

Best wishes to everyone for upcoming season, Trisha x

(Sian ) #11