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Advice Please on a Custom Make!

(Belinda Nicholson) #1

I was contacted by someone through Folksy to make a custom order. I have now finished it and I cant get hold of them. I did get some emails from them previously but not for a while. When I just checked through Folksy it says they do not sell on here but have an account. I mean they may just be ill or on holiday…

(Liz Clark) #2

Have you contacted admin via email for them to check?

(Sonia Adam) #3

That’s disappointing isn’t it? I hope they appear soon & you can compete your transaction with them. In the future I might be tempted to only make custom orders after payment has been made or at least a deposit to cover the materials you use. I’ve heard a lot of sad stories on fb of makers being left with custom made orders which the buyers never pay for or are ever heard from again.
You need to protect yourself - if the customer really wants the it’s they will pay in full or put down a deposit. I hope it is sorted soon x

(Minerva) #4

That can happen from time to time. In my experience, customers place an order, pay and just don’t check their emails again soon. If you receive payment up front, you should have their email address and can contact them there. As the above poster said, it is very important to receive payment up front for custom orders. All sellers do that. I hope you reach them soon!

(Belinda Nicholson) #5

Thank you x

(Ronald Koorm) #6

Artists and designers who make custom items for a customer almost always ask for full payment or a substantial deposit before they start work.

You have to establish, if the customer fails to pay, and you have made the item to their specification, how easy would it to sell that custom item to recover your costs plus a reasonable profit.

Some custom items can be sold on more easily than others, but if they have the original customer’s name or picture embroidered, your market will be extremely limited.

Even if they don’t pay, they are liable in law to you, assuming you agreed some form of contract say by exchange of emails, or an order via Folksy. Recovering the money through the small claims court is an option, but not one you want to be forced into.

(Rosesworkshop) #7

Oh Belinda, how annoying! I hope you can get in touch with them soon.

I will happily discuss the customers requirements by email, but no work starts without payment. It’s so easy to set up a custom order, with the details agreed, completion date, etc. They just have to click to buy, which confirms their agreement of the order, and you have their address etc from Paypal. It also shows as a non-returnable custom order for distance selling regs.