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Contacting potential buyer

(Rhiannon Rose) #1

I’ve had someone put my item in their basket, but not pay for it yet (a couple of days ago). Has anyone got a form of words to use when contacting them to ask if they want to proceed with the order or not?

(Kim Blythe) #2

People quite often put items in their basket and don’t purchase, However, if you have had an email from Folksy saying they have bought it then they have gone a step further and have clicked to complete checkout, but haven’t then paid. I have had this a couple of times and usually send them an email something like this:

Thank you for your order of 2 ‘made to order’ baby cardigans.
Unfortunately, the checkout process was not completed and no payment has been received for the items.
If you would still like the cardigans , please return to ‘your purchases’ on Folksy and complete the checkout process. There is also a link in your email from Folksy which will take you there. Once payment is received, I will start making your items.
If you no longer want the items then that’s fine, but it would be great if you could let me know so that I can return the item to my shop.

If no payment is received by the end of today, I will assume they are no longer required and the order will be cancelled, but they will be available to purchase again if required.

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(Christine Shephard) #3

Just to add to Kim’s reply - only registered users will be able to access their purchases via the dashboard, not guest buyers. Also, the link in their confirmation email from Folksy is only active for 24 hours, so won’t work now. The best course of action is to cancel the order and let them know they can re-purchase it.

(Kim Blythe) #4

Yes, sorry, was going to say this but had to go and answer my front door so replied in haste!

I tend to send this email just a couple of hours after I have had the email from Folksy, if I can, then the link is still active for a while. If I have had no response by the following morning I cancel the order.


(Rhiannon Rose) #5

Thanks! Of course the message from Folksy appeared when I wasn’t able to access my email for 24 hours due to browser issues, so I’ve passed that deadline!