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Anyone else having trouble - image upload 14/3/15

Hi everyone
Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble loading photos this morning?
I keep getting an error sign. Iv tried all the normal clear history reload page but not working.
I’ll try again in a bit

I’m having to sign in each time I visit and it’s very slow - must be something in the air!

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I think loading pictures is quite hit and miss lately. I’m not sure what the problem is, but a few times I’ve settled down to add some new items and I just get that frustrating little red error sign.

I know what you mean Sara @DandelionsGallery. I only nipped in the kitchen for a brew and I had to log in again when I got back :wink:


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Yes I am having trouble with photos today, just keep getting the red error sign.
For months now since Folksy did some big changes with the front page I don’t have the ‘remember me’ button and have to sign in everytime.
It seems to be 3 steps forward and 2 steps back with Folksy at the mo’ don’t you think.

Gill x

So glad you posted this. I’ve been having the same trouble since last night. I thought it was something to do with the photo I was loading, so have just tried with new pics and same problem.

Can anyone at Folksy help please.

I know it sounds weird but I’m pleased I’m not the only one having problems.
They must be updating something or doing something to the site at the moment for all of us to be having so much trouble

It’s just annoying as iv taken pictures for new and old items and would like to have a play.
Especially as i can’t do much at the moment.
I had surgery yesterday. going to be bored all day now.
Never mind. hopefully it gets sorted soon.

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So glad I looked for other peeps having problems with pics too . I’ve put some of my pieces on Eb** instead with no probs.

yeah, i’m not having any luck at all today and normally they upload fine.

Folksy must be updating something.
Fingers crossed this is sorted very soon.

Yes! I thought it was something I was doing wrong and was trying to resize photos etc. It still doesn’t work and I really need to upload some more items.

I’m still having the trouble with photos too.
Iv got some new bits to list too.
I’m really hoping it’s sorted tomorrow as this is day two for me.

Is there anyone to contact regarding technical issues? I was trying to find a contact but haven’t had much success.

I’m not sure in alhonesty.but there must be.

Hi all, if you’re having problems, you need to email


Thankyou thats brilliant

I managed to list with photos on my iPad put still unable to on my laptop. Weird


That’s brilliant news.
I’m still having trouble. Think I’ll have to send them an email

Iv sent folksy support an email so hopefully things will get on track.

I’m,on day three of the big red error sign when loading photos.
Iv emailed folksy support and am just waiting for a reply.
I ddon’t think I can do anything else now.
Just wish I could list my new items.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

I’ve had a reply from support and they want to know the browser and operating system that I’m using , to investigate further but it was all working fine ( for me ) during the week !