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Application errors and missing photos

Is anyone else having problems with the site today? I’m getting lots of grey rolling “Folksy” words where there should be photos (both on the front page and on my stats page). I’m also having occasional problems when trying to navigate around the site - the page I’m navigating to takes ages to load and then I get an application error.

I’ve had the same issues on both my laptop and my phone so I don’t think it’s me. Anyone else noticing this?

It does seem a bit slow today. We’re having a look now to see what the issue is. Thanks for flagging it up, Helen.

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Ok, thanks Camilla. I thought at first it was me, as I did an update on my laptop last night, but then I tried on my phone and it was no better.

Yes I noticed it about an hour ago but it seems ok now :slight_smile:

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It’s been at snail pace for at least 2 days in many aspects of the site but especially when it is forming pictures

Yes, I’ve noticed this for a few days now.

Frequently in the past few months I’ve found it takes forever to load pictures when doing a listing - sometimes they won’t load at all. It’s really infuriating. There’s probably about fifty items that I would have sold through here that I gave up trying to list (annoying when you’ve paid for the Plus account!) - I sold them elsewhere, so Folksy lost out on commission.

I hope the photos issues improve both for loading them into listings and being able to see items from sellers - it’s starting to annoy me now…

Even worse today… my front page is full of banners and empty spaces where there should be photos.
It is specific to Folksy, all other webpages are operating normally.

I am getting loading errors and pictures not loading too.
Folksy seems pretty unnavigable at the mo. :frowning:

We can’t see any errors in the system and it all looks like it’s running quickly and images are ok. Are you still seeing these issues @JOYSofGLASS @DeborahJonesJewellery @DandelionsGallery

it seems to be loading OK now Camilla .

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Camilla seems to be better now but honestly it has been really slow last few days. Slower than any other website I use…

I gave up trying to list items yesterday (again - have given up wasting time listing on here several times in the past couple of months as the photos won’t load!) - other times it works ok. I have no issues anywhere else, just here. Haven’t bothered trying to list today - have been selling direct on Facebook instead.

I love Folksy, have been selling here for years - but am really annoyed that I can’t list unless the site is in a good mood!

I nearly always list in the late evening so I don’t get a problem then. It has all the indications of ‘capacity overload’ from my viewpoint.

I’ve tried at six in the morning (which you’d think would be quiet), various times during the day, late in the evening…makes no difference :frowning:

I have to list when I have time. I need to be able to fit listing around my painting, not the other way round. It’s very frustrating.

That is really frustrating, Sara. I’ll speak to Doug and see what’s been happening.

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Hi Folksy Admin,
Items not coming up when relisting.

Yes I am having trouble again this evening too.