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Are you featured in regional gift guides?

Hello @clarefolksy. Would it be possible to add any of my items to the “Made in the Home Counties”? I am in Kent.
A few of my items are listed as made in London as I am in North Kent & depending on how you split up the region, can sometimes be under London! I think I’ll stick with Kent though.
Many thanks.

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Thank you so much!

Thank you for adding some of my items to Hampshire and IOW Clare x

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Many thanks for adding some of my items to Home Counties, @clarefolksy. :slight_smile:

Hi @clarefolksy; could you please add some of my items to the Devon board? :slightly_smiling_face:

Would love some tips on how to go about getting featured on the Made in Scotland board…

Hi @clarefolksy

Just wondering if there is a “Made in Scotland” board if not could you please make one when you get a minute. Many thanks!

I’ve added a couple of your items. You might want to look at your photos and make sure they are consistent in terms of lighting and background. The items photographed on the white board background are much more likely to be featured in gift guides. Hope that helps!

I’ve added a few of your items to the ‘Made in Scotland’ gift guide:

Hello @clarefolksy,
So sorry to add to the long list of asks…I would love to sit with the “Cotswolds” clan, as I am deep in the Forest of Dean (Miles from the Cotswolds, but in Gloucestershire).
A thousand thanks.
Michelle (MCPots18)

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@clarefolksy WOWZA: What a fantastically, speedy response! Feel quite honoured to be placed with such wonderful items! Thanks so much Clare x

Hi @clarefolksy;
I just happened to come across this post and was interested in knowing more about regional gift guides.
Do people just get added?
I am actually based on the Isle of Wight and noticed a Hampshire and Isle of Wight region mentioned, so would I also be added to the gift guide?
Sorry if i’m asking too many questions, i’m just not all that clear.
Would be very happy to be added though.
Thanks, Maria

Thanks Clare!

I am featured in the Yorkshire guide with my bunny and also the wedding guide

Hi there, the regional gift guides work in the same way as the other gift guides on Folksy. Items for the editorially selected Gift Guides on the homepage, and items in the buyer emails are selected by Folksy staff at our own discretion. The criteria for any items that are featured are similar as that for featured sellers so our choices are based on the quality of items and very good photos . The featured items are an advert for Folksy so we try to represent different crafts and styles as much as possible. We look for interesting and unusual products so try to show us what makes your products special in your first image!

Gift Guides and buyer emails are often based on annual or seasonal events or trends, so please make sure that you describe your items to include any relevant words. Try to think about the words that we (and your buyers!) would be searching for when trying to find your item as a gift, keep them relevant to the item you are selling and try to work those keywords into a sentence (because it’s better for Search Engine Optimisation and it looks more appealing to buyers if you do).

We often ask for suggestions for Gift Guides. Look out for our Gift Guide threads in the Gift Guides area of the forum - they’ll usually be pinned to the top:

More information about being featured on Folksy:


Thank you Clare, that is very informative. :blush:
I am still quite new to selling online and learning how to take better photos, descriptions and S.E.O etc. I often look at what more successful shops are doing in that sense and try and keep up to date with things, but I will have to check out the Gift Guides on the Forums, thanks again.

(PS thanks for adding my earrings! :grin:)

How do I get to view the regional gift guide please?

June @junemccabe , on the front page in the gift ideas section, there is a “See More” button. Click on that and you should see all the gift guides.

I see I have two paintings in the “Made in Cornwall” gift guide. Very pleased.