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Are you on Instagram?

(Yvette ) #22

Hi just joined last night, still finding my feet so to speak - so if anyone fancy following me, all would be very welcomed :smile:
I read about Instagram in my local paper about how it helps business so fingers x it might help me.

(Teresa Connolly) #23

I am on Instagram joined a little while ago just started using it more.

(Theglitterkitty) #24

Super addicted to Instagram!!! I have a busines ID for The Glitter Kitty as well as my own. I can spend hours searching through hash tags, and I know lots of people love Pinterest, but I prefer Instagram personally x

(John Stead) #25

I am its #Northernwilduk. Looking forward to seeing you guys on there :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #26

I’ve just followed you folks. Feel free to follow me back :slight_smile:
I love Instagram :purple_heart:


(Susannah Ayre) #27

I love Instagram. I’ve used it for a few years now…mine started off as just anything I liked to photograph, then it sort of developed into my artwork as well as just things I’m doing and like. I do like the community feel on their though. I use hashtags to search things like Printmaking or just Handmade to find other likeminded people.
I’m on there just as @curiousseagull if anyone wants to follow. I always follow back as well…well, unless the person following me looks like a bit of a scammer or a bit odd…I always look at the other persons photos before I follow back- just incase! Same goes on Twitter. I’m on there as @curioussseagull1 if you want to find me on there too… :smile:

Have a good night folks!!! xxx


(Carol Lucas) #28

This is me !

(Yvette ) #29

Followed most of you, will pop and see everyone later. Really must put my phone down and do some work :smiley:

(Teresa Bettelley) #30

Hello everyone, I joined Instagram a few months ago and am really addicted now! I, like many of you enjoy the community feel and positive spirit of it all… It’s win win really! I’ve seen my shop views go up significantly but no sales yet. Ill keep at it, and find you all on there too. I’m @shirleyrainbow_tb if any one would like to follow me and say hello! Xx

(Teresa Bettelley) #31

Hi Helen, I didn’t get hashtags either but my tech savvy younger sister explained it as using words to describe your image and add a # to make it searchable, ie a pic of some hand made jewellery could have the following hashtags: #handmade #silver #pendant #pretty #gift … I could go on! People might search for those words and see your pic, I like to add other tags too, ones I make up, like #feelingabitfancy for the jewellery! Hope that helps a bit :blush: x

(Helen Dale) #32

Nice explanation. Thank you

(Sharon Robins) #33

Hi everyone.

I love Instagram, I’ve been on it all summer and enjoy following like minded crafters.

You can find me here:


(Stitchcity) #34

I joined instagram recently, and i LOVE it. I try and post at least one photo a day, my phone cameras not great but its a lot more fun than trying to think of something interesting to say on Twitter, haha!

This is me if anyone fancies a follow - i tend to post pretty places and a bit of crafty stuff too : )

(Birdandmonkey) #35

I love Instagram, I’ve followed everyone, pop over and have a peek at mine.

(Birdandmonkey) #36

I’ve recently discovered the Regram app, good for sharing any fab posts.

( Carol ) #37

I’m on instagram.

Going to follow you all now :smile:

(Sew June Jones) #38

Hi everyone! I’ve just found this thread from a few weeks ago. I love instagram and have been on it for about six months. I love to follow fellow crafters and I am always on the look out for new people to follow.

Here’s my link if you would like a look:

(Kristina Normante) #39

Hi everyone! Love the Instagram!!! About a week ago open my second instagram account just for my creations and inspirations.

(Sarah Eves) #40

I’m a recent convert to Instagram - love the creativity and photo streams, great for inspiration and visual appeal!

(The Sherbet Patch)

(Jo Sara) #41

So, hang on, is Instagram the new Pinterest? I know they work in slightly different ways, but it’s all about adding, finding and viewing pics of things. Are people using both for their business? I thought Instagram was more about personal pics.