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Are your sales picking up yet?

I’ve been a bit complacent as I was thinking “It’s always quiet in summer”, but I was doing my accounts for 2015-2016 yesterday and noticed that I had loads of sales in August last year. This year, I had only one (very small) sale. Also last September was good for me from the start, but not a squeak so far.
How is everyone else doing?

I had one sale right at the end of August of a little baby cardigan and beanie and then the same customer has come back this week and bought 3 Aran hoodies and 3 cardigans so I’m ecstatic at the moment!! I’m guessing she’s shopping for Christmas early!! Whatever it is its managed to put me on the best sellers list which I can’t quite believe! can’t compare data yet as I only started last October so not yet comparing against last year but I finally have started to feel as if ‘I’ve arrived!’ Lol. I just hope it continues
Di :grinning:


I noticed sales dropped a lot after the referendum, but they have started to go back up this month :slight_smile:

This August was my slowest month here in 6 years , this month has started well .

I seem to be having the opposite experience - loads of sales in June, quite a few in July, less in August and none so far this month. It’s a bit disheartening.

My sales didn’t really pick up until October last year so I’m not expecting much - it does seem to be quiet on here and August was definitely quieter this year. Fingers crossed they will arrive eventually - I need some sales to buy more goodies!

Had a bumper August and whole of summer last year but not much at all this summer, very quiet. Selling more on the other side though which is unusual, Folksy was always my best selling site but now it’s the other one.

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I have been quiet and it hasn’t really picked up.
I have an order for 8 tote bags for a regular customer who comes back to me this time every year and buys some Christmas presents…but that’s all.
I have noticed a lot more shops opening up on here selling sewn and embroidered items, and selling them pretty cheap compared to me…but I’m not prepared to drop my prices as I don’t make much profit as it is!
I always try to make a quality product from good quality materials and don’t really want to go down a cheaper route, so will just stick it out and hope for a Christmas rush!


Been dead on here for me for nearly 2 month now, hoping it’s going to pick up, thankful that other selling sites are keeping me going :smiley:

One sale since June! Wondering if it’s worth renewing my plus account. Oh and the Folksy main site is not working at the moment!

ah not just me then ! has it just gone down ?

Ive had 1 online sale this year. Ive sold at 2 fairs, and sold 1 item. Im very disheartened but I keep going.

It was ok earlier this morning, not sure how long it’s been down!

I have just emailed Support about it.

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I’m still waiting for my 1st Sale!!! Things can only get better!!! That was a cracking song x :notes: :cat2:


We have had only one sale since joining this site in July. But, we are quite fortunate in that we have some very good retail outlets to serve and business with them is already well up on last year. So, we do not believe that there is any thing wrong with our products or prices, but this channel for selling is just not for us.
We will carry on 'till Christmas and review the situation then. In the meantime it does not help with so much ‘Branded’ products (and maybe even UN-licensed, too) on here when it is suppose to be ‘British Craft’ or that’s what we shown to believe! There is only so much of customer’s cash that will be spent on a site like this so maybe it should be left to the ‘cowboys’!


I just searched on Folksy for a well known gaming character that is very popular at the moment! A whole page came up, this is getting so depressing! Ive reported most of them but they’re all still here!

With this sort of issue, you need to report it to the copyright holder so they can take action, if they haven’t licenced the design to the seller. Folksy themselves can only act on compllaints from the copyright holders, so it’s no good just reporting to Folksy. It’s usually fairly easy to find out who to contact.

Well done to those who are doing well! For the rest of us, let’s hope it picks up soon…
I tried to join another site that seemed good value, but it just gave me too much choice and I couldn’t work out how to do it (I’m a technophobe). It’s a shame because I was really excited about it and it had been recommended to me. My other shop (on Etsy) is a waste of time at the moment.
Even in a good year, the money doesn’t exactly come rolling in, so I’m not stressed about it. (That reminds me, I haven’t entered the Lottery lately!)

My sales are silly low - non existence. August was great last year, this year I didn’t even have fees to pay