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Are your sales picking up?

hi everyone, my sales are nil :frowning: I try my best to keep my prices and shipping as fair as I can, nothing is over expensive in my shop, but all great quality. Sometimes I wonder do people think if your prices are low then it must be cheap quality and some may think high prices mean “who do they think they are?” I just wonder have any of you wonder the same? Would appreciate some feedback.

My overall summer sales (from June to now) are about triple my revenue from the same time last year.

I expected it to be incredibly quiet this summer since I was out of the UK from February until the beginning of May and not making or listing anything new so my inventory is smaller than it was this time last year.

Unfortunately not many of the sales are coming through Folksy. But I like it here so will still persevere. :slight_smile:

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Gracie Sweetie, don’t be disheartened!.. I sell lots on Ebay and Etsy but have hardly got off the ground here. To be honest, the only thing that makes me stick around is that I think Folksy has still got a lot of catching up to do in terms of Seller/Buyer Apps and I love the Forums which are full of lovely, friendly and helpful people ; for me that is a real point of contact in my solitary day…Your things are very pretty and well photographed. The only thing I would say is perhaps have a banner on your shop which reflects your goods more (it is plain at the mo, isn’t it). Have a look around the forums for ideas on marketing…Do you have a Facebook page for your shop? Do you do Pinterest?..Finally, perhaps think about selling a few bits on Etsy also and see how you do there.(Ohhh! Hope I don’t get banished for that suggestion!!!) Mxx

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thanks Maggie :slight_smile: really appreciate your encouragement :slight_smile: I have a wee Etsy shop, but I have over the past lot of years been ill and have had to put it on vacation mode, it’s open now. I honestly prefer Folksy even though things are slow … I do need patience … LOL and funny you should say about a banner, I had been just googling on how to make my own banner as I think its a nice feature on our shops :slight_smile:
I love the forum here, it’s a great way to connect with other crafters and everyone is so nice.
I think Folksy needs more promotion. Im on Pinterest and twitter and joined stumbleupon (haven’t a clue how to work that one … haha!!) I don’t like facebook at all :frowning: though I do have a blog and I post on there what I have made. Also Folksy Plus is an amazing thing! I think its well worth £45 for unlimited uploading and don’t have to worry about monthly listing bills. What could we all do to promote Folksy more?
Any more ideas? :slight_smile:

I agree with you Gracie @Gracie22, Folksy needs more promotion to get it better known. I do what I can to let people know about its existence and always put a link to my Folksy shop whenever I post something on Facebook. I have been luckier here since I started promoting my shop and interacting on the forums - and its so friendly here - don’t get the same feeling from etsy at all and I find on ebay everyone wants something for nothing. Fingers crossed it will continue to develop.


I agree, Ebay not friendly at all … they do want things for nothing … ::frowning: I sell de-stash things there, but not my hand made items and their fees are over the top, they started taking even a percentage of postage charges!. Etsy are not friendly , but here on Folksy I feel it is for me :slight_smile: and I am going to be positive and do my best to make a go of it :slight_smile:
Folksy is going to be the next big thing!! … :sunny: We will be up there at the top!!! … Yaaaay!!


I would really love folksy to take off! Not sure if they do much promoting though? I agree the forums are much kinder LOL, you don’t feel someone is going to bite your head off here! Shame about the fact there is no shop app for facebook either. But maybe one day? and maybe its because still a relatively young market place. Also its nice that its for the U.K sellers only, you feel quite priviledged!

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My sales have taken a nose dive lately, so much so that I have just reopened my ‘E’ shop in the hope of getting some sales on there.

I’m going to whisper this, but could it be that Folksy themselves don’t do enough to promote the website. I’ve met an awful lot of people who have never heard of it (but they have heard of Etsy)! Maybe it’s time for a TV or radio ad - anything to get the word out. Ads in craft mags are ok but crafters already know about the website, it’s the potential customers we need to be reaching or an awful lot of gorgeous things will never see the light of day. What do you think?


Yes! Today I’ve had my first Folksy sale this year!

Sales elsewhere, craft fairs etc, are doing much better than last year. dare we hope the recession is nearly over?


No they arent. I havent had a sale since March!
Not surprising really.
The front page tells people the vast amount of items for sale and then says then are 283 people looking.
This was also the same amount the other day too.
Is no one bothered by this?

Wow sounds like things are picking up for everyone.
Maggie - I have 2 men in my life who would be interested in the train and plane shop, where is it?
I made my first sale on Etsy then 2 days later another of the London coasters.
I haven’t been on ebay for a while but think I might have too retry, don’t know why I stopped!!

I was happy with some of my Folksy sales but now I want to try and promote more!!

Well done all :0)

Sales are pretty good for me considering it’s August (always the quietest time of year) and I have very little time for promoting - I’m still making sales in both my shops.

I always say (and I bet people are bored of hearing it by now LOL) that you need to treat your Folksy shop like you would a high street shop. You rent your store space, it’s up to you to advertise and attract your customers.


Yes!! They are ticking over on here but on the other side I had my best day ever yesterday with a big sale to Australia and 3 custom orders and another sale today. My shop has been closed for 2 weeks and I always find it quiet for a while when I re-open but I have been selling every day. I have probably jinxed it now by talking about it!!! I hope things are going to start improving for everyone now.

I’m so pleased I’ve just had a sale!! First one on here since i restocked recently!

Not getting any views on my shop at the moment :pensive: could it be cause I’m not a plus account holder?? I have 3 Christmas sack orders, 2 decoration orders via fcebook though :blush:

I only opened my Folksy shop at the beginning of August and I’ve made 5 sales through it…which I’m going to accept as a good thing because I do think August is a pretty quiet time. People are spending money on their holidays in actual shops rather than online. Maybe when people start to think about Christmas things will start to pick up even more?
Sounds like quite a few of you are doing quite well at the moment though which is great!! :slight_smile: I’m sure in the next couple of months it will start to pick up for everyone.
I do think it’s all about promotion though…I don’t think I would have made any sales this month If I hadn’t been putting things on social networks. I have a blog: curiousseagullstudio but I also really rely on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook…to be honest I think Twitter works the best for me.


I’m not getting many sales on here but I’ve been fairly busy on Facebook these last couple of weeks. I’m beginning to think that might be the way to go.



Glad you asked that question I was wondering hehe

August for me has been dreadful for sales. Not one :cry:
I only have my Folksy shop so I definitely need to think about trying a few more places. I just don’t want to over complicate things. Would be great if Folksy was a tad more popular.
I’m getting the views which is good, but then I worry why not the odd sale. I know jewellery is a huge influence here so I think its just the competition is so vast its easy to be over looked.
I would love the opportunity to be featured on the FP to see if that would help with promotion, but I always feel like I’m wearing Harry Potters invisibility cloak here when I list.
I tweet, Instagram, Pinterest, craft juice, google + use the promotion forum here so I know I’m doing the right things.
I am a patient person though so I’m not giving in. I will crack this nut. I’m reading a lot of stuff about SEO at the moment and trying to understand the tricks and clever ways of bringing the right traffic to my shop.
If it works I promise to share as I know we all work so hard to promote ourselves.
I’m gearing up for the Xmas rush I hear so much about. It would be so nice to feel all the hard work beginning to pay off.

Karen :grinning: