Are your sales picking up?

Ive had 1 Folksy sale this year :o(
Could people send footage of them making their crafts to Folksy, then they could make it into an advert and put it on telly. Just a way to keep cost down if its a concern to them. Just an idea.


I’ve had a steady stream of sales since the bank holiday weekend - usually my quietest time, so it’s been a pleasant surprise :slight_smile:

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The last year has been pretty dire for me. :frowning:

Well this month has been better than xmas for me but sorry not from folksy,although I love the folksy community. E**** has really been good this month and my personal sales and my local shops that sell cards for me. I havent had time to even promote! or make new cards.
So I am quite happy ! If only every month was like this!

I’m back in the Best Sellers for the first time in well over a year, in spite of not having bothered to promote for months (it didn’t seem to make any difference to my low sales when I was bothering!). I did announce my retirement from making in pewter on here and on Facebook, so I don’t know if that’s made a difference. If I look at the graph of my sales, this year’s little foothills are well overshadowed by the previous year’s Alps!..

Ive just started on Folksy and i was wondering around when do you star to get sales? And how do I get people to view my items? I have 2900 likes on Facebook but I have not sold a thing there ! I don’t think people trust buying if not on a page like this! What advice do you all have for me? x

Wishing you all the luck in the world :slight_smile: If off to see what you sell as looking for unique ideas for xmas xx

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Hi Kelly @craftyme2413 :raising_hand_woman:

Just keep making what you love to make, list, promote a lot, and try to join in on the forums and hopefully your views will start to pick up, and those all important sales will follow :grinning:
I’m finding it just takes time.

Your shop looks great.

Karen :tulip:

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Busy everywhere apart from Folksy!

Where else is everywhere? Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: x

I’ve had some really good big sales on Facebook in the last 4 to 5 weeks and they were all Christmas related, so I wouldn’t go as far as saying people don’t trust facebook personally. My last sale on here was back in June I think and it wasn’t a big one.


I have really struggled but because last year was so bad I have been very de-motivated and as a result have not done so much on here or Facebook. Its a vicious circle really and because I’ve not been selling much haven’t really been able to afford tables at craft fairs this year, which obviously won’t help get my name out there. Any feedback on my products would be very much appreciated. I have also made a promise to myself that I will do more marketing and networking which is the only way to go forward! Justine

Justine, if you log out of the forums (click on your avatar, top right) then sign back in again, a link to your shop should appear when you post. That will make it easier for people to find you…


in my case every where else is other online shop (e***) , local shops that sell my cards and friends . I think it takes time to develop a customer base. I dont promote much as card making takes up most of my time and I have quite a few returning customers. If you get an order ,get it posted as quick as you can and give it a personal touch, perhaps with a handwritten note . I feel as if I make friends with my customers!
Also views dont make sales

Not at all! My plus thing is coming up for renewal (that year went fast)! and I am in two minds about what to do, renew or not renew…

I had my first 2 sales on Saturday! Yay! Though one customer has paid and I’ve even dispatched whereas the other hasn’t…x

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1 Folksy sale in a year:o( Ive started to sell at craft fairs on the run up to Xmas so hopefully il have more success there.

Only 12 orders since March ( when this shop was started) and about another 10 on my old AudreysCat shop BUT had a lot going on this summer ( sad times in our family) so I haven’t been on here or promoting much all summer - in fact I was closed for much of August so it’s not surprising really. It will be interesting to see how things go now I’m more active again - sales slowish on E*** for the same reason plus the usual summertime lull. The few fairs I’ve done have been ok and my ‘open house’ as usual has paid for Xmas already as well as raising a lot ( £300 plus ) for Macmillan. I definately think the lack of sales in my case is very specifically down to me not promoting mainly - but that has been beyond my control… and the fact that I’m my own boss does mean I can let it slide if circumstances dictate it. So it’s about what I expect - but lets hope we start seeing the Xmas spending coming on - certainly offline people have been xmas shopping with me :smile:

I was a bit surprised that people were doing so well, then I looked at the date of the original post! Short answer is no, my shop is as dead as a doornail…Is anyone doing better than they were before the “improvements”?..September 2012, 19 sales, September 2014, 5 sales. Folksy has always been my main shop, so I’m feeling very demoralised and unmotivated. (I’m prepared for the forum police to tell me off for not being 100% positive! :slight_smile: )


Picking up ever so slightly with some Christmas purchases on all sites but still slow. Daily Christmas sales through one or other sites for 1st few weeks in September but its sadly tailed off again