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Wrong address

I have sent a frame twice and it has been returned both times. To cut a long story short and 19 emails, it turns out the address on file is wrong. I asked him to check the address on the first return but it seems he didn’t.I even sent a photo of the parcel the second time and it clearly showed the address etc. I agreed to send it a third time if he covers the cost of the second and the third posting. No reply until 2 weeks later and it seems he has not read my last email as he asked me why haven’t sent it again! This has been going on about a month. What I would like to do is get in touch with Folksy to get him to change his address, as he is wasting everyone’s time, but I can’t find any way to contact Folksy. Any ideas??

You can email at ( for urgent issues).

At the very bottom of the Folksy front page, there are the usual collection of links to usefull information, including Contact details. Loads of other useful information under the other headings, well worth reading!

PS, actually, if the customer paid by PayPal I think the address MIGHT be copied directly from their PayPal account - so it may not be in Folksy’s power to fix. Worth seeing if the PayPal notification shows a different address from the Folksy notification.

Thanks Helen

Should have seen that!


It is the customers responsibility to give you the correct address. If it was me, I’d set up a listing for the cost of the postage (including Folksy fees) and add a personalisation box to the listing so they can input their correct address - just in case they don’t spot that the checkout address is incorrect again

Hi Al

Thanks for your reply. The buyer has been told the address is wrong already and I would cut my losses, re money and time. Not sure if the buyer can be in a very nacent frame of mind anyway as the responses are not as cogent as one expects.

Regards, Dave