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Items sent to the wrong address

(Donna) #1

Hi everyone, I could use some advice. I recently sold a rose perfume stick on another site, after a week or so my customer send me a message saying that she hadn’t received it. So I said I’d send her another and could she confirm her address to make sure I’d got it right. Well the address she gave me and the one paypal had are completely different. So what I want to know is, am I responsible for replacing it when she gave me the wrong address to send it to in the first place?
Donna x

(Claire Davis) #2

I think you’re probably not responsible as it should be up to the customer to update her paypal address if she moves… however I personally always check the addresses match up on paypal and the folksy account when I get an order, and if they didn’t match I would email the customer to check. Could you perhaps just put this occasion down to experience and let her have another one, you could tell her it’s a goodwill gesture and it might nudge her to update her paypal address so it doesn’t happen again!

(Jo Sara) #3

If that was me, if the address was a Confirmed address on the Paypal receipt I’d say that was her fault. If it was Unconfirmed I always check with the customer when I send the ‘thanks for buying’ email that that’s the address they want to send to. If I’d forgotten to do that then that’d be my fault.

Saying that, I had one that was Confirmed by somehow it was the previous address of the customer. She was very good about it and sent her other half round to the address, where luckily the new occupant was holding onto the parcel. Not quite sure if they were just seeing if anyone claimed it, you’d think they’d have sent the parcel away as ‘not at this address’. But, anyway all sorted in the end.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Well it’s the customers fault and why oh why should you be out the product and the monies due to the customer not keeping her paypal information up to date.

Also even if she pays for another if she doesn’t change her details on paypal you will not be covered under paypals Seller protection.

Beware there is a con about where people order items then ask sellers to send to a different address than the one on their paypal account. Some sellers think ok I’ll do as the customers asks then of course the customer will say they never received the item and bring up a case in paypal. Paypal will then side with the customer as you the seller have not send the item to the paypal address so you lose the item and the monies. ie the ‘Customer’ gets your item and your monies. A

It is not your fault you are not to blame and I would recommend be firm, but polite and professional about refusing to send them another free item. If they are willing to buy another then get them to first change their paypal information.

Also agree that if the first order finds it’s way back to yourself in the same condition it was sent out then and only then will you refund.

But do not refund them until that happens and do not send them another item for free.

(Joanne Joyce) #5

Paypal will only honour a sale it if it has gone to the paypal address.

(Sarah Eves) #6

I have had so many issues with addresses!

Last night the address was right but the postcode was wrong.
Before that I’d had an address where the postcode was correct but the address was completely wrong!
Then there was the customer whose address was Edinburgh but the country was Australia…she’d even paid Australian postage costs without batting an eyelid when actually she was in Scotland :smile:
The husband who put the wrong house number whose neighbours then returned the parcel…

Thank goodness for My Hermes and their address checker!!!

Sarah x