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Art Chat 19th to 25th October 2015

Is that the new you in your profile photo? Looking good!

Hi Steph @StephanieGuy Yes just changed it LOL!

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Morning, running a little late this morning, first proper nights sleep in ages didn’t even wake up with a hot flush lol! Love the hair Bee you look fab!. Waving hi to everyone :wave: and fabulous work everyone

Ah Max I get those a lot. I’ve found that a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar from the health food shop WITH THE MOTHER (!) reallyt helps. Once or twice a week I add water and drink it fast through a straw (it’s not pleasant). Together with a soya hot chocolate every evening, I haven’t had any really sweaty hot flushes for ages, although I do still get rather warm. I’ve also swapped my duvet for a collection of wool and cotton blankets that I can shed through the night.

Here’s my pocsa pen witch, I’m rather pleased her

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Fab work everyone, I like the way your witch is silhouetted against the fire Stephie.

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Thanks Margaret, she’s been in my head for at least a year so it’s nice to get her out of there and onto paper at last!

Must have been painful to have a witch and a bonfire in your head all year! :wink:

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I don’t remember posing Stephie?
Running late today…not a good day…sigh
(see rant on facebook…I don’t suffer fools lightly…lol)


Gorgeous roses Brenda

Here’s where I’m up to with my tiger cross stitch, I’m not even half way through yet, I hadn’t realised how much work there was in this!


Good mornng waving hi to everyone :wave:.

He’s looking marvelous Margaret very handsome
Lovely flowers Brenda, saw your rant, what a pain!
Love love love the witch Stephie, great fire effect

working from home today, got a lot to do conract mapping exercise and was supposed to be off Monday but now have to go to Chippenham so not a long weekend like I was expecting ho hum :frowning:

morning all…today I listed a freeform crochet purse…I used to make a lot of them and so thought I would list them in my shop…seeing as I have the PLUS account…might as well make use of it…
Margaret I am in awe…nothing else to say …wow…
My cousin from the IOW is visiting today as her daughter has just moved to Llantwit Major…(about 30 mins from us) …so it will nice to catch up on old times as we grew up together and she is just ONE DAY older than me…

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have a loevl day Brenda, love the purse too by the way

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That’s a beautiful purse Brenda, so pretty. I love how unique it is too.

Waving to everyone :smile:

I got a little more done on my white doves (decided that would be better than seagulls and since they are basically the same apart from the feet and colouring, it wasn’t a big change to make).

And here’s a new listing

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thanks ladies…had a busy day with visiting relatives…no time for painting today…lovely to catch up with family though…
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Good morning all…a dull damp day outside.
Today I have a monochrome aceo landscape…back later

It was very dark and threatening here this morning, the budgies didn’t get out of bed til gone 11am despite their cage being wide open from around 9.

Just listed this cat

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Margaret @Louisa15 That’s quite a challenge you have there. With many of the thread colours being so similar … your powers of concentration must be immense. I know from passed experience, when wearing my Amathusia Designs, Barbara Skelton hat, how tricky it can be.

Bee, those designs are gorgeous, I love the floral ones particularly. Yes I like a challenge, and sometimes if I count slightly wrong, with the colours being so similar it doesn’t really matter, it makes mine unique! :smile:

Stephie, love the cat silhouetted against the flames, you do flames so well and it’s so hard to do!

Waving everyone else! :slight_smile:


What’s everyone up to today? I’ve been out with hubs to buy him a new winter coat, he needed a new one last winter really but he hates shopping with a vengeance. It was so easy - we went to the Range, he tried one on and we bought it, job done!

I’m off to catch up with my sketch diary now, my dad was here yesterday so I have two days to do.