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Monthly art chat for January

making this a monthly thread now…jump in and show your lovely artwork,
Morning all…here is my listing for today


Hi, love your fantasy butterfly painting Brenda, lovely colours!

My latest artwork I’ve just printed onto one of my new cards (could just about take photo’s this morning, weather’s a bit mixed this morning :slight_smile: )



Here is my listing for today…


Good morning, lovely work everyone. Got an appointment in Cardiff this morning to see about my web design training :slight_smile:

Just finished my first blog for 2016, all about my new scan n cut machine and includes a video of me drawing an owl!

Good morning! Hope you’re all staying dry! Just popped in to say hello! view the lovely work and will keep checking all the new posts…fabulous artwork as always! Struggling a bit with these dark days…have the motivation to paint but frustration with the lack of natural light (daylight bulb is ok but it does get warm and dries the paint, and heats up the top of my head, too rapidly!!!). Have a good day one and all!

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waving all…because of the poor light I have been crocheting…I can do that without looking. I DID manage 4 aceos today as it got a bit brighter, but didn’t last long.
I am going to hibernate now until Spring…lol…



I have just spent the last couple of weeks getting back into pen and watercolours after a long spell with fabrics! I’ve really enjoyed it and have managed to list several pieces this week, with several more in the pipeline. It’s lovely to see this art chat page - hope to spend more time chatting and admiring the beautiful work that you creative people produce!


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Good morning everyone, appointment went well though I have to write a Business Plan and fill out several forms, the adviser was very helpful and even threw in some extra help with travel costs to and from the venue, it will take a while for all to be approved but he thought I would have no problems in getting the funding so I’d best get me pen out lol!

I’m off to Chippenham today, hope the weather is okay for driving last time I went there it was awful! back later have a lovely day everyone

Lovely work everyone, hope your drive is OK Max.

I’m slowly getting through all the things that need to be done after Dad dying on Sunday. The funeral is now arranged for the 25th Jan. Mass at Manchester and burial in Northwich. I’ll be taking my elderly aunt as she wants to go too. I’m being visited by my best friend from work this afternoon so that will help me get back into socialising, and I’m hoping to return to work tomorrow.

Bit disappointed that my Brusho workshop in early Feb has been cancelled, but it can’t be helped. I’m considering subscribing to an online painting tutorial type thing. I know Terry Harrison has one, I’m going to investigate that, see if I can get back into painting. I have more time now I’m only looking after one elderly parent rather than two.

Terry Harrison is brilliant. Once saw him do a demonstration at a local art group. It was amazing. Love his watercolour paints too!

He is good, I went to one of his workshops last year, only bad thing is his awful jokes! :smile:

AFternoon all…waving to everyone…I hope you noted that I changed the thread to a monthly one like Max suggested.
I always laugh at the way Terry Harrison promotes his books on facebook…
I have never been lucky enough to go to any classes…they don’t seem to have any close to me and I don’t get the free time to go out and about right now.
On a good note, I am getting lots of knitting and crochet done…
Here is today’s listing


Hello everyone.
Very very sad news @Louisa15. :frowning: Take care <3
We’ve just started to sort out my taids house, our little family went to sort out his clothes yesterday, very odd experience.

Nice to hear everyone being productive in one way or another, love the colours in your piece Kelever. :slight_smile: That last piece is beautiful Brenda. Magical. And your card is so cute Daisy. :slight_smile:

This is my latest piece:


Thanks Lowri, it’s all a very odd experience, but has to be got through somehow. Love your girls legs!

AFternoon all…hope everyone is being productive.
I have been looking at art for sale on Folksy…baffles me when I see art…no matter how brilliant it is…for sale for £400 and more…compared to my £6…makes me think…

Is it selling though Brenda…?

Popping by briefly to say hi. I’m supposed to be working on my next magazine article - for one reason and another I have a VERY tight deadline and have to be finished rapido…so I shouldn’t be on here at all really.

Margaret are you back at work now? I hope everything is going OK for you and that your mum is coping, it’s a big change for all of you.

For those who aren’t on fb, here’s my sketch diary for 2015. The link will take you to fb but you don’t need to be on fb to scroll through the photos.

And here’s my new diary, which I am stupidly in love with

Must go, hope to be back to chat properly next week.

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Good to hear you’re so busy these days Stephie! Good luck with the magazine article.

Yes I’m back at work today and although I’m weary it’s gone far better than I could have imagined. Mum is coping very well too, she went into town this morning by herself and only cried twice!

Your sketch diary is absolutely fab!


LOL Margaret…I will keep watching…might increase my aceos to £100…just to see…ha ha



I would be really interested to know how others price their art work. This is something that I always struggle with. I generally sell my A4 watercolours for £25 (originals) and smaller pieces for £10. To be honest I’m not really sure what I’m basing that on. Would be interested in others methods for pricing.


Love your recent piece btw Lowri