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Art Chat April 2015

This is the place to chat about and show all things arty in April

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Good morning all, seems I’m first here today so I have started the new months thread.

I posted yesterday a link to my blog so as the thread is over I thought I might share it again - it’s a short piece about this weekend being the 4 th anniversary of me painting in hot wax. Plus has some new paintings on display.

Look forward to chatting with you all this April



Morning Hazel…will take a look at your blog later…waving
Morning all…Happy new month…
I have two listings today…here is the first one…


another listing from me…

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Morning Brenda :slight_smile: nice work - like the purple

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Morning Brenda and Hazel, have either of you fallen for any April fools jokes yet?

Gorgeous flowers Brenda, and the purple landscape is hauntingly beautiful.

I’ve nothing new (busy decorating) but have added this lily to my sale


Brenda your shop is looking fabulous! Just been for a march through and loved everything, hopefully something will have made an appearance on the front page as a result :slight_smile:

Good morning everyone

Wonderfully atmospheric new painting @teabreaks

Here’s my new woodblock print

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Oh yes. I fell for one on Twitter this morning it was really early and very clever a gardening co I follow lol … and of course there is the folksy one on FB - that didn’t fool me at all lol

How about you Stephie ? Very pretty Lily by the way.

Waving Matt

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I fell for one on by a friend fb, it was very convincing.

I LOVE the folksy drone one, that made me laugh out loud.

I noticed it straight away and read it out to my son…brilliant…I quite like the idea of admin collecting my work by drone and delivering it for me…ha ha…
Mind you, someone on one of the threads, said that they had had an email saying folksy was going into liquidation…maybe a bit scary if you are not aware of the date…lol…
Thanks for the like Stephie…much appreciated.
Waving…Hazel, Matt and Stephie

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Sorry folks, I’ve been very busy! I’ll have to read the blog later Hazel, sounds interesting!
Fab work everyone :smile:
I fell for an April fools trick here at work when my colleague sent me on a wild goose chase! Not seen any others and haven’t had time to look at FB. Back this evening (hopefully!)

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Happy April everyone, I have tears in my eyes from the Folksy Drone!!Xxx
Forgot to add, I’m a bit disappointed that no-one on the International space station is viewing my shops for April 1st!!


Waving Margaret and Sue…I am still giggling at the drone video…it must have taken a lot of work and planning and gave me a really good giggle…

Lovely work Brenda, you just get better all the time!

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Waving Margaret and Susan :slight_smile:

I’ve been paintings today. Bit random but these are some Gladioli style flowers, I was talking to someone recently and they mentioned them and so I thought I’d give it a go. The framed piece is double mounted to 11 x 14 inches and the miniature one is tiny.

They are for sale not yet listed anywhere but if anyone is interested I will list here :slight_smile:


Thank you Sue…

Great work Hazel, they always remind me of Dame Edna …!!

Lol Brenda me too abd when I said that to Hubby he said who !!!

Never mind hey :slight_smile:

I have just booked to have a stand at a Dolls House and Miniatures Fair on Friday this week - last minuite entry as we were not sure if hubby would be available and I don’t drive. It’s a bit further than we have been before too - into Hertfordshire this time :slight_smile: So I need to sort out my case now.

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panic then Hazel…lol…I used to travel all over the place to do fairs…I did two or three in Hertfordshire and even went to Oxford as well as the London area…wouldn’t do it now though…(I’m a lazy slob now)
today I have now done a total of 12 paintings…some are just ones to use up acrylic paint that was on the palette and I didn’t want to waste it, so I just slap it on an aceo and give them away as gifts to customers…better that than leave the paint to shrivel up !!