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Art Chat - June

(Maxine Veronica) #1

Happy June everyone, this is the place to show and chat about Art of all kinds, everyone is welcome and we love to see new faces so come on and join in the chatter :slight_smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #2

Good morning, waving hi to everyone, your Cat is coming along nicely Margaret, looking forward to seeing your work progress, my garden has halted for a bit trying to make sure I don’t overdo things for my back, I have though bought a beautiful climing rose and was planning to make a trellis and plant it today but it’s been raining here again so may need to wait a few days.

Just listed this, one of my paintings in a resin bezel, loving using these images, I have one more idea for them to try on notebooks next :slight_smile:

(Bee Skelton) #3

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long. It’s been a while. I’ve been busier than usual with commissions and away on holiday. It would be good to share images of my recent work, including work-in-progress images. But not always possible. Will need to get permissions from clients. I’ll look in as often as I can … I’ve missed being in touch.

Lovely wee bird Max @paperchainsandbeads

(Matt Underwood) #4

Hi Bee @StudioBeeArt good to see you back!
Lovely wren @paperchainsandbeads

Something from the garden

(Brenda Cumming) #5

Happy June everyone.
Now that Kelly is on her way to the US, I am having a few “Lie ins”…so a bit late on here today.
Starting off with saying…great work everyone…
and adding a touch of purpleness to start the month.

(Stephanie Guy) #6

What lovely artwork :slight_smile: I think Matt’s columbines are my fave today.

Welcome to June, it’s absolutely howling outside - hubs has just gone out to re-tie our cordoned fruit trees and boy am I glad he said it was a one person job!

I don’t have anything new to show, I need to take some photos and it’s too dark right now. I’ve had a flurry of mini pet portraits to do which is lovely, I do enjoy doing them…although one of the cats that I have been painting met a sad end - he was poisoned by antifreeze. Who would do such a thing? I just don’t get it. I know cats can be annoying when they deposit in your garden but a good sprinkle of cheap orange squash will deter them. There’s really no need to poison them - I hope the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted.

(Margaret Jackson) #7

That’s terrible Stephie, I could never poison a cat or anything else. How upsetting for the owners.

It’s howling outside here too, glad to be inside and cosy.

Beautiful columbines Matt, very pretty indeed.

Love the birdie bracelet Max, very inventive

Waving Bee and Brenda :smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #8

what a terrible and cruel thing for someone to do to an animal, I’ll never understand some people. It’s dreadfully windy and wet here today we have an amber warning for winds 50-60 mph, I have everything crossed that the old neighbours tree does not get blown over, or if it does not in our garden at any rate! :(.

I entered the United by Art Challenge this month painted this owl, will be including in the exhibition at the end of this month

(Bee Skelton) #9

Hi Steph! So good to hear the ACEO portraits are going well :smiley: I’m not surprise… they are lovely!

Horrible end for the cat you mentioned. I heard recently that this was happening a lot because people were putting anti-freeze in bird water baths in their gardens to stop it freezing in the winter. Some people just do not think of the harm they’re doing. Eeejits!

(Stephanie Guy) #10

Good grief they’ll be killing the birds too! This is the second cat that they’ve rescued and lost to antifreeze poisoning, it’s so sad.

Max that owl is gorgeous!

I’m finishing off a pet portrait and proof reading my next mini mag article today, it’s Van Gogh’s Wheatfields with Cypress Trees. Then I’m going for a walk with a friend later, I hope it stops raining by then! The forecast is sunshine with 50mph winds so I think we’ll be doing a low level walk - we’d get blown away if we went across the farmers’ fields!

(Brenda Cumming) #11

I had to put the heating on this morning…colder than in the winter…we had about 10 minutes of sunshine earlier but now it is back to high winds.
Lovely painting Max…your bird paintings are awesome.
Waving to everyone.
This is the watercolour painting I did yesterday…

(Tessa Spanton) #12

Nice work, I esp like the little wren Max.
Here is my string pic ( hoping this link works)

(Maxine Veronica) #13

Ooh your poppies are gorgeous Tessa. Love the flowers Brenda and the painting looks great in a mount. waving hi to everyone :wave:

(Margaret Jackson) #14

Fantastic poppies Tessa, absolutely brilliant!

Gorgeous owl Max, love the background too.

Pretty flowers Brenda, the mount makes them look even better.

It’s so frustrating not being able to come on here during the day but at least I can catch up at night :slight_smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #15

Good morning waving hi to everyone :wave:. Well the weather is much better today, popping up to see my step Mum after work and hoping to go for a walk down to the Pier in Penarth and my Daughter is back from Abu Dhabi today so may not get back here later on, enjoy your day everyone whatever you are doing.

A necklace today with the Heron

(Hazel Rayfield) #16

Lovely work everyone …

I’ve been away for a few days to Yorkshire, it was cold and wet some of the time but we had a lovely time seeing some of the places I used to visit as a child as my Mum was from “up north”.

Came back with a cold :frowning: … But that won’t stop me painting I’m in withdrawal lol

(Stephanie Guy) #17

Good morning gang, what a change in the weather! Thermals are away again…for now…

Lovely flowers Brenda. Those mounts look great, would you mind sharing where they came from? They have more width than the ones I get from The Range.

Fab use of the string Tessa! I’ll write a blog post on it at some point this month, might not be this week as I suddenly seem to have a lot to say lol.

I love the way you make your paintings work for you Max, I really should get better at that. what’s your opinion on all the different resins that are around? I’m thinking of getting some for my new mixed media paintings - pebeo’s glazing resin is top of my list so far.

Waving Margaret. Yes it’s a shame you’re not able to pop in at work anymore - are you very busy all the time since the move?

I finally finished the apple blossom that I started when it was actually in blossom - it seems like such a long time ago now. A big thankyou to everyone who encouraged me over on fb to keep going :slight_smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #18

That’s gorgeous Stephie. I have tried a few and settled on crystal resin, it’s a 2 part mix so I make up as batches, what I like best about it is if you get an air bubble you can ‘pop’ with a pin whilst still wet, but also if dry you can pop and add a drop more resin next time and it all blends in invisible, but be warned it can be messy pouring!

Waving hi Hazel

(Hazel Rayfield) #19

Hi Max :slight_smile:

Stephie that is wonderful. I think it’s my most favourite of all your work :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #20

I hope it is OK to put the link here but I don’t think it takes trade away from any Folksy seller.
This is the size I bought Stephie…but this company does every size imaginable and every colour you can think of. The price is amazing and the delivery was super quick too

Oddly enough I showed the latest folksy listing on facebook and someone came on and told me that it would look much better WITHOUT a mount…lol…can’t win can you ?
I highly recommend the mount company…they are extremely helpful.
Hope everyone is well…the sun is shining at last…I will be back shortly with a listing…
waving to everyone (Great work Max and Stephie)