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Weekly Art Chat w/c 23rd June

(Maxine Veronica) #1

the place to show and chat about art of all kinds, everyone is welcome to join in :smile:

no time to paint this weekendbeen getting ready for next weeks fair, making display baskets yesterday and tons of bracelets :smile:

just re-listing this one today

(Brenda Cumming) #2

Lovely painting Max…waving
My listing for today

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Morning All

The lavender in our garden is looking great so I thought I would show this one today …

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Morning all! Just flying by atm, back later to chat.

Here’s my new listing

(Stephanie Guy) #5

I have a fair coming up this weekend too Max, it’s our local church summer fair so I expect to sell quite a few of my local cards. I’ve got a collection of easels to take along with my aceo collection too, hopefully I’ll have some takers on those. Last year there was lots of interest but no buyers for the aceos, I think it was because they couldn’t see how to display them.

I’ve just surprised myself by choosing the Derwent 24 pastel tin from the academy. I don’t like pastels, so I thought this was the ideal chance to try both another brand and the pencil format, which should be less messy.

(Margaret Jackson) #6

Fab work everyone, and very interesting abstract Stephie, I’m not used to you doing abstracts!

I have no idea yet what I’ll choose from the academy, I’m still waiting for them to unlock the last lesson. Not sure yet if I’ll have the equipment to do that yet so will wait and see. I’m quite into pencils at the moment though.

I’m a bit too tense to paint today, my car is in for service which I hate. The district nurse came to see Dad and that went well. I keep logging on to my work email to check what I’m missing and to do anything essential so it’s not much of a day off!lol

(Tessa Spanton) #7

Nice to have a parcel to look forward to Stephie.
I think u could use kids wax crayons if u haven’t got oil pastels Margaret.
SAA do Daler Rowney oils pastels for a very reasonable price.
Hope the car’s OK

I am off swimming in a mo.

(Margaret Jackson) #8

I’ve just bought some of these:

What kind of paper would I need to use with these?

(Stephanie Guy) #9

They look good value Margaret. I would imagine any solid paper would do to begin with - sketchbook cartridge paper should be ok.

(Hazel Rayfield) #10

Looks good Margaret - good to hear your dad is OK, we had the same with my Dad a couple of years ago … very stressful at the time but is OK now :slight_smile:

Pretty abstract Stephie…

I’ve just listed this new one from Art in Wax, tried something different in the background a soft, misty effect using hot air …

(Stephanie Guy) #11

Very pretty poppies Hazel, I especially like the one that is facing us in the bottom left.

I’ve been attempting to combine getting my vitamin D in the sunshine with painting (I’m not very good at doing nothing) but my paper keeps blowing away lol. I’ve come in to get a book instead.

(Hazel Rayfield) #12

Thanks Stephie :slight_smile: I’m not good at doing nothing either … been busy here thou catching up after a break is always full on !!! Enjoy the sunshine, warm here today too, but not bright sunny as it was yesterday we went for a walk on the beach (OK and an ice cream I admit it lol) even caught the sun a bit too … I’m not a sun bather but I don’t like the cold so love sunshine :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #13

Lovely poppies Hazel. Thanks for the paper advice Stephie :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #14

Just watched the oil pastel lesson on the Art Academy site, looking forward to getting my pastels and giving it a go! :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #15

That exercise is good fun Margaret, it reminded me very much of those wax crayon firework pictures that every child makes in primary school.

(Tessa Spanton) #16

I enjoyed that one. I did 2 multicoloured cats on a black background and used the back of a watercolour tube to scratch back to the colour.
Nighty night.

(Maxine Veronica) #17

Morning all waving hi to everyone, you all sound like having fun at the academy :smile:

newly listed

back after work

(Hazel Rayfield) #18

Lovely Max … Morning All

I’m showing my sweet peas today …

(Brenda Cumming) #19

morning all. Got on here at last…what a nightmare yesterday !!
Nice work ladies…

(Gaynor Hill) #20

Morning everyone. I’ve found the Derwent Academy thing and might give it a go. Hoping to do some more work on the Water Lily today. Haven’t had a chance to paint over the weekend at all.