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Avatar upside down

(Helen Dale) #1

I put an image on my avatar on using a photo from my iPad camera. It looks the right way up, but when I use it as my avatar it rotates 45 degrees. Any suggestions?

(Helen Smith) #2

I can’t help I’m afraid except to say that I’ve quite often seen the same complaint from ipad/mac users, the apple software must have some sort of auto correct function when it displays the photo? I presume you need to use some photo editing software to rotate and save the photo before uploading.

(Pauline Hayward) #3

Can you not go into your photo’s and Edit then click on rotate.


(Roz) #4

I have had this problem too. I’m not sure if it really is rotated or not because sometimes it appears the right way up and sometimes rotated! You can edit it and rotate it but not sure if that helps!

(Helen Dale) #5

Thanks for trying everyone. But rotating the picture doesn’t help. It appears the right way up on my iPad. Maybe the answer is not to try and do it from an iPad!