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Is there something wrong with photo upload?

I have tried for three days now (8 times altogether) to upload photos but they keep coming out sideways. I’ve never had this problem before in the last few years. I’ve now given up and people will now have to wrench their necks to look at my latest things. Is it me or has anyone else had this problem?

@kaymay I am trying now and I get error ‘413 Request Entity Too Large’ so I have reduced the size of my image thinking that it might be too large a file and it won’t do it still.

@Folksycontent Can you shed any light on these problems?

Thanks x

Hi @kaymay - could you please try opening your images in an image editing program such as Paint (Windows) or Preview (Mac) and make sure they are saved in the correct orientation on your computer before uploading them to Folksy?

@SquirrelandTiffin - could you please try clearing your cache and cookies?

Note if you are using an old version of Safari (e.g. 4 or 5) you may be limited to uploading images under 1MB.

If that doesn’t help, could you please email us at so we can look into it

I’ve just loaded some without a problem (I use firefox not sure which version) They were added to existing listings so that may have been easier than a complete new listing, I have some new things to photograph and list later (hopefully :slight_smile: ) so will see how I get on then.

I have had this problem in the past and seem to remember that even though they appeared to be the correct orientation on computer every thing worked ok if I used an editor to rotate them by 360 deg - mad I know but it seemed to work. Haven’t had the problem recently though :slight_smile: fingers crossed!

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I’ve done all the things I’m supposed to do and have been told to do. The odd thing is, it’s not all my photos, just a few. Even my techie husband is stumped! Oh well, such is life. Good job nobody looks at my stuff or buys anything anyway. (feeling despondent and cheesed off) :unamused:

The other thing that vaguely rings a bell is that at the time I was uploading my photos using my iPad and all were fine when uploaded from my laptop. Sorry I can’t be more specific but it was about a year ago I was having trouble. Hope it sorts itself out.

Hello @sianfolksy,

I was asked if I use Safari 4/5 last time this happened and I do use 5 on my Mac. I have problems with updating my system at the moment so can not update but this wasn’t a problem in the end as it was a bug on the site.

I will email my details over to support@folksy


Ah! Yes, let us look into it through Support and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Thanks @sianfolksy,

I have come to my friends house to upload as I needed the listing on a few days ago ideally to catch any Easter trade or get a possible feature for the Easter picks/favourites.

thanks x

I’ve had the same As Roz, ie photos come out fine when uploaded from laptop but sideways when loaded from ipad. Not added anything new for a while, but might put a couple of things up later so will report back if I get the same issue again!

Hello, I’m still having problems with my photos coming out sideways. I am still using the same lap top, same programmes etc. Nothing has changed from when I was not having this problem. They are uploading fine for other sites, it’s only Folksy that seems to be the problem. It’s annoying that I have to go into my photos and rotate them all in order to upload them. I am not creating a new listing, I use the copy listing so all I’m doing is changing the photos. Stumped!