Folksy Ltd

Awaiting Payment

(Dawn Sneesby) #1

Had a customer trying to pay for an order, the order has come through on my dashboard saying awaiting payment. The customer emailed me to say at checkout it keeps asking him to try a different card so he obviously doesn’t have a paypal account. Thought you could still pay with a card though. I have emailed him to ask him to try again if not will have to cancel order.

(Jan Ryan) #2

Dawn, you can send him an invoice, he may have better luck paying it that way. Once he pays you can manually mark it off as paid. It would be a shame to cancell a sale x

(Dawn Sneesby) #3

Hi Jan,
Can I still send him a paypal invoice if he doesn’t have an account?

(Sasha Garrett) #4

There is a maximum number of guest transactions that someone can make on paypal and he has probably reached that limit. Can’t help you with the invoice query - sorry.

(Sarah Lambert) #5

Is it Barclaycard as they’ve been having trouble today?

(Dawn Sneesby) #6

I’m not sure Sarah, I have emailed him a couple of hours ago but not had a reply, so frustrating. I can’t understand why Folksy only allow payment with Paypal.

(Sarah Lambert) #7

He should be able to use his card through Paypal though shouldn’t he? Hope you get it sorted Dawn .

(Christine Shephard) #8

You can send a paypal invoice to any email address, he doesn’t need to have an account. It should let him pay the invoice by credit card, unless it’s the card that’s the problem!

(Dawn Sneesby) #9

Thanks for your replies and help. I’ll try contacting him again.

(Jan Ryan) #10

Yes, if you send an invoice to his email he has the option of paying by card, like Christine says, he doesn’t need a pp account. I hope you get it sorted.

(Qteacup) #11

It may be the card that is the problem, if it is registered abroad, or if he has reached his credit limit.
See what happens with the invoice.

(Diane Burton) #12

Also ask him to check the expiry date on his card, I’ve been caught out a couple of times after forgetting to put my new card straight in my purse and it’s ended up forgotten at the back of the letter rack (a bit embarrassing when it happens at the village shop :blush: )

( Valerie Dockerty) #13

Hi Dawn
I had someone who could not pay on Sunday and they tried 2 cards, in the end I had to cancel the order I tried to look through my paypal settings to see if anything was not set wright but could not find anything wrong so I don’t know why they could not pay

(Dawn Sneesby) #14

Hi Valerie,

I have also cancelled the order, I contacted him several times but he didn’t get back to me, I suppose he was wanting to buy something quickly to receive it in time for Christmas and bought elsewhere. I wish they would give the customer the choice of paying by Card or Paypal which is what you get on the majority of retail sites online.

Thank you for your reply.

( Valerie Dockerty) #15

My customer got back to me but had bought something from elsewhere because it was needed for Christmas it would be a lot better for the customer if they had the choice of paying by card or paypal

(Jan Ryan) #16

A customer can still pay via card even though they may not have a pp account. The problem with that is a lot of people don’t know that there is the pay with card option. :confused:

(Dawn Sneesby) #17

Hi Jan,

Yes,it is a problem, as you say they may not realise they can pay by card and also I believe they can only do that a few times and then have to get a paypal account. I think that is probably what happened with my customer, as he said he kept trying to pay and it just kept telling him to try another card.

(Joy Salt) #18

When my customers have problems like that I get them to either send me a cheque or a bank transfer.