Bad Themes Of The Day

Oh dear, absolutely nothing that could be applied to artwork for the whole of the rest of January. :frowning:

It’s ‘My favourite piece’ theme today. Could you choose quickly and tag your favourite to make sure you get at least one bite of the cherry?

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I think I can use 3 or 4 themes. We must be unique!

There is deep blue (fri 21st) which could easily be applicable to artwork, there is also star gazing (fri 28th) and crocus (sun 30th) which could also be applicable depending on what the artwork is of and reclaimed wood (thurs 20th) which might be applicable depending on what the frame is made from or if the art is painted/ drawn on a piece of reclaimed wood. So I think what you mean is there are no more themes applicable to YOUR artwork for the rest of the month rather than applicable to artwork in general


Deep blue is not a colour I generally use unfortunately :frowning: What I should have said, possibly is absolutely nothing that could be applied MY artwork for rest of January.

Same here no tag i can really use for my artwork the whole of January think there is about 3 lets hope Feb is better for artwork.

I can only ever use a couple, I don’t think 3 is too bad. There is a huge variety of work on here so the tags have to cover a wide range.


Yes. At first I thought why aren’t there more tags I can use but then I realised it’s because our crafts are so diverse that inevitably the tags have to be diverse. I usually manage about 3 in a month too.

I think three is pretty good going for me!