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Banksy's latest work

(by John) #1

I do like Banksy’s work …the latest one of the spies by the phone box is brilliant. Apparently the value of the property has shot up …he could make a fortune hiring himself out to people selling their houses!!


(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Is that the one that’s just been stolen off the wall and now the person who’s has his hands on it is charging people to view it at the Boys Club?

(by John) #3

No, you’re thinking of the embracing couple …bit cheeky moving it wasn’t it!! Wonder if he’ll come forward to complain? Doubt it!

(Christina Green) #4

Yeah, very witty, love the phone box one. The spirit of our age!

(Ms Cup Cake) #5

Seems he is fine with the prospect of the club earning buckets: apparently he posted a message saying “Art is where the home is” …:slight_smile:

(by John) #6

Yeah, I heard about him saying that …but he might have meant it should have stayed in the home he gave it??

Apparently people are offering mega bucks for it. It must be really hard for him to resist the riches he could have. Guess that makes him an artist first and foremost.

(Maxine Veronica) #7

I think it’s fabulous, I really wish I had been in New York on the day he was selling smaller paintings, there were quite a few aerosol artists when we went last year and I was fascinated watching them, so clever