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Bit Disappointed

I have sold two items from my new shop, but they are guests and can’t give me feedback. Is feedback important for other customers?


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It is disappointing when that happens. About half my sales are quest buyers so no feedback, but even if they are registered they don’t all do it…even other Folksy sellers!
It’s good to have that feedback, and it probably gives customers confidence to buy from you, but just be happy for the sales and I’m sure you will get that feedback soon!


I like the feedback option and a few years ago it used to get used a lot, now I find that it hardly gets used at all for most shops. I hardly ever look at the feedback on here so having none wouldn’t influence whether I buy or not.
Congrats on your sales :slight_smile:


i’ve only ever had two buyers on Folksy and neither gave me feedback.

Sally Ann

Lovely cards and not surprised you’ve already had sales.

Just one thought… you give free P&P. Do you realise that you will therefore pay Folksy fees on that element of your price ? (P&P is excluded from normal Fees).
There is often discussion on here on the merits of offering free postage and whether it helps with sales. Think the consensus is that it has little effect on sales, main effect is that it doesn’t just cost you the postage it also costs you the Folksy fee on that.

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