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Broken Re-List Functionality

Just a note about the Re-list function as it seems to be checking for whether the items have been re-listed too early which has led to me not being able to re-list a couple of times now.

So i ‘Manage Listings’, then select all, select ‘Re-List’ it then takes me to the confirmation, but when i select the ‘Re-List’ option the page times out after hanging for a while, i get the ‘we have a problem message’ but when i attempt to re-list again, i cannot do so as it says that i have already done it and cannot do it more than once a day, even though the items have not re-listed.

It sounds like it is making the check that the items have been re-listed at the point that you select the final re-list option rather than after the items have actually been re-listed.

It’s not a showstopper, but just a little annoying.

Sometimes the error message will come up even though the action has taken place, it’s just the site being slow. When I get the error message I wait a minute, refresh the listings page, and often I’ll see the items have actually relisted, but if they haven’t I’ll try again.

If you’re getting the warning that you can’t relist more than once a day then that’s a sign it did actually work even though you got the error.

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Thanks, i will keep an eye on it.

I agree. I get the message sometimes but if I wait patiently for a minute or two I always find the relist has in fact worked.