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Bulk Relists Obliterate My Item :(

I’m sure lots of people have experienced this scenario.

I listed this little item all on its lonesome today at about 2pm. Had a quick look 10 minutes later at the recenly listed section to see that not one but two other sellers had relisted pages and pages of their items on top of my pendant. It was so far down the recently listed feed I could not find it within 5 pages.

I had a bit of a brainwave and thought maybe somebody with some technical knowlege could tell me if it was possible and/or a good idea.

What if only the first item showed up in the recently listed feed when sellers relisted in bulk? That would allow exposure for relisted stuff and for a more exciting and less cluttered feed in the recently listed section, which this afternoon was looking a bit bland and homogenous.

If I was a buyer it would put me off seeing hundreds of the same item on every page especially if I was looking for a baby cardigan and not, for example, a print of an animal portrait.

Just asking…

Love Sam x


I thought that was how it worked now as Folksy had changed it? It’s only when you click the See More button that you see everything.


Hi Liz! I was a bit surprised not to see it on the front page-just a bit unlucky with lots of people listing this afternoon but was a bit horrified when I clicked on the See More button. It’s one thing not to be on the front page for long, but to sink without trace after 10 minutes is disappointing, for me anyway as I don’t have the time to make lots and lots of items.

Love Sam x

Most people would search for something with words in the search bar ,so wouldn’t look at the newly listed at the bottom of the front page at all.

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