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Buying from Folksy

Just a quick question.
Its a while since I bought anything from Folksy but today I purchased a card. I have had confirmation from Paypal that my payment has gone through but no confirmation email from Folksy - is that normal, I’m sure in the past I have received one. I just assume the order went through OK.

As a buyer you should get a confirmation email from Folksy when you have placed and paid for an order. The title of the email is ‘Thank you for buying on Folksy today’. Could it have gone into your spam folder Roz?

If you didn’t get one or it’s been marked as spam could you let support know? Their email is

Checked my junk folder and nothing in there - will email support.

Edit: think there may have been a problem with my email - have changed my email address to a more reliable one and hopefully everything is OK