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CALLING ALL SELLERS: You can now enable your shop to take card payments!

Hi everyone! As you might know we’ll soon be introducing an alternative payment system to sit alongside PayPal, which offers buyers the ability to pay directly by credit or debit card.

As the first part of this, you need to enable your Folksy shop to take card payments. To do this for your shop, log into Folksy and look for the notification at the top of the page or go to this page

You can find more information here


I’m interested to hear how many people are enabling this feature…I just watched the video about the stripe account dashboard and found it a bit confusing so I’m not sure…


Are you aware that you will be allowing Stripe to debit your bank account if you sign up ?

That’s interesting…I didn’t know that @stevenanddaisy

I know you (Folksy) are saying “stripe” is cheaper to use than Paypal for sellers but I don’t see why you are saying it is better for buyers. Buyers don’t need a Paypal account to pay by card, they can pay as a guest and then enter their details, or can they not do that through Folksy? So why do sellers have to set up an account with a company they are not familiar with?

My understanding is that buyers can do that on Folksy, but Paypal have a limit on how many times one person can do that @Zoknitandsew


@KBCreations I found it confusing too!

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Paypal can do that too.

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I presume this is not compulsory?

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I know that PayPal can , but they do make mistakes and are not easily sorted out.

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I think this sounds like a great feature. Some buyers don’t realise you don’t need a paypal account and direct payments means buyers don’t leave the Folksy site. Much better thank you Folksy!


I hope not, I am reluctant to do it as I have only sold one item on here so far and I don’t want to go through the hassle of setting this up if it never gets used!

This is not something I’ll do at the moment but I will keep an eye on how it’s working and if people find it successful. Hopefully it won’t become compulsory.


I also hope it doesn’t become compulsory…I would have to think seriously about whether I stayed with Folksy if it does and I think a lot of other sellers would think the same…
I don’t want to be pushed in to doing something I am not comfortable with.


I came to the forum this morning to see other’s reactions. I am also hesitant. I trust Paypal. I’ve used it for a long time and never had any problems, especially security wise.\

I’ve never heard of Stripe. I need a lot of convincing before I sign my life and bank account away to it.

Problem is, will that banner stop at the top of my Folksy screen until / unless I sign up. I could find that rather aggravating.


I’ve signed up to it, it didn’t take long, though I really don’t want my mobile number to show up on customers credit card statements. It said this can be changed when I was signing up, but I can’t find where to do this anywhere on the dashboard (you have to put your phone number in when signing up, otherwise it won’t let you do it).


This is the thing that has most put me off signing up. I absolutely don’t want to have my phone number appearing on customers’ statements. As it said this could be changed, I wanted to find out more about that before signing up. However, now that you’ve said you’ve signed up and still can’t find any way to change it, I’m seriously re-considering signing up to this. It’s a real shame because I’ve had a few problems with people telling me they’ve been unable to pay by card when buying from my shop. I’m worried about how many customers I’m losing due to this and I really hoped this would be the solution to that problem. However, the phone number issue is a no-go as far as I’m concerned.


I am delighted and have enabled it for my shop. I have had customers come to find me elsewhere (facebook usually, but also my website and email) because of difficulties of payment on Folksy.

I love Paypal, but not everyone does and some people are simply put off, they have made a choice not to sign up to Paypal and don’t necessarily want to make use of the limited number of times you can pay by card as a guest via Paypal. I have family members who won’t touch Paypal with the proverbial barge pole.

All in all, I don’t know how many people haven’t completed a purchase because of this issue, but am willing to believe that it’s more than 1. My view is that I want to make it as easy as securely possible for people to buy from me and I believe widening options to include card payments will help that aim.

Thanks Folksy,


I haven’t heard of Stripe either, and to be honest I felt rather anxious to see the sign up banner glaring out at me on my shop front.
I always get a bit nervous of change, but I’m really trying to focus on the positives…
It would be great to have other methods of payment as I’ve lost a few sales through customers not liking PayPal… so if it means more sales it’s really exciting.

The charges for Stripe seem really good.

I too felt dubious about the security so I asked my husband to have a look for me… his work involves knowing the ins and outs when it comes to secure online payments and data protection…

He’s given Stripe a big thumbs up and said security wise it looks very good. He’s going to help me sign up over the weekend as I’m convinced if I try to do it myself I will bodge something up. :wink:

Karen x