One-click checkout now live on Folksy!

Exciting news! We’ve just launched one-click checkout on Folksy, which means customers can now buy an item directly from the page using either Apple Pay or Google Pay.

It’s enabled automatically for all items where the shop is connected to Stripe. So if you’ve already got Stripe set up in your shop, you don’t need to do anything.You are good to go!

If you’re not already connected to Stripe but want your customers to be able to use the one-click check out, this article explains how to set it up and also has some FAQ:


Thank you… I just noticed the strange new GooglePay buttons on my pages.


Stripe is only available to those that have photo Id. I don’t and am not paying for a new driving or passport that will never be used.

I spent weeks sending them everything they wanted, birth certificate, marriage, copies of council tax bill, each time the goal posts were changed. Oddly then had a fraudulent charge to an unused account last year. Makes me wonder what happened with all my proof of who I was.

Why can we not use a UK credit company, who have access to business banking systems. I opened a SumUp account with no problems as they were able to verify me direct.

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That’s great - thank you!

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I was never asked for photo ID :thinking: A pain in the butt though if you don’t have any. My mum never had a passport or driving licence and it did cause problems getting certain things done.

I had an account with them for some months. The. After about 8 months they asked me to prove who I was. In the end I told them where to go.

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Not managing to see the one click button on anyones items, I’m on an iPad, I’ve cleared my history and reloaded and nothing.
Has it been disabled again?

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I can see the Apple Pay on yours Deborah.

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I can see it in your shop and mine.

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Hi…I didnt have to send photo ID, I don’t have a passport or driving licence. Could it be something new ?
I have had stripe on Folksy a few years now.
It is a nuisance, my driving licence ran out a year ago and i can’t renew it online as I dont have a passport so it means going to the town 13 miles away to do it, I don’t currently drive…(didnt want you thinking I was driving without a licence lol )

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Thanks @Caroleecrafts and @Knittingtopia for looking.
I will look on the desktop computer, see if it looks different there.

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If you look at their website it does say they randomly pick people for Id. That is unfair they should do it when you first apply.

Looking at reviews it appears when they do ask if you cannot give photoid they freeze your account and any sales made you don’t get the funds until proof or account closed.

This confirms what I have been told by a lot of US ladies, they are a shower. When you open a bank account you have to provide id at the getgo. Not months later then have your account frozen until you do.

I have told Folksy about the problem I had but not interested. This should have been made clear at the start. Plus I do not like the way they charged when a fraudulent card used by buyers, that is all wrong. Not the sellers fault.

Okay off soapbox now. If PayPal is ever removed from Folksy I will have to leave and go to the dark side.


Hi Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery Could it be an item with options to choose from? I have a couple of items which have an option and the one click button is missing. I can see it on your shop with the random few I clicked on. X

What a fantastic addition, guys. Thank you.

@DeborahJonesJewellery I can’t see it either. I can’t see it on your shop or on mine (I have got Stripe connected). I’ve checked on both my iPhone and my laptop and it doesn’t appear on either. Camilla @folksycontent, could there be an issue where some people are not seeing this?

Yours shows on my android tablet and phone

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@folksycontent I work on a desktop pc and the button is not shown as an option on my items, only the usual add to basket option. Am I looking at the right area ie choosing an item to look at and being presented with only an ‘add to basket’ choice? I have had Stripe for some time, and I do not have variations on any of my items - I notice the information says it is not presently available for variations.

@Knittingtopia I don’t see any one click button options on your items either. Is it me?

@DeborahJonesJewellery I only see ‘add to basket’. I’m on desktop pc.