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E mail from Stripe

Just had an email from Stripe have to take a photo and then send them with a copy of a passport (do not have one) identity card (never had one of these) or a photo driving licence (still using the pink one and not going to pay for a new one until I am 70).

Looks like I may be back to just paypal for payments which means losing sales when someone only wants to use a card. I know they can do a card via paypal but some customers do not like paypal.

Anyone else got a problem?

I got that too, had to send photo of my passport it took 4-5 goes to get it done. May be worth contacting their support to see if there is another document you could use, they have to confirm identify for money laundering regulations I believe

Thanks Max have emailed them.

You could contact them .on chat I think and explain.

Oh no! Don’t think I have an email yet but will probably be stuffed when I do as don’t have a valid passport, no driving licence and there are no national identify cards in UK any more. I have been able to open bank accounts without these but a lot of places (Amazon for one) can’t compute and go into an endless loop of nonsense.

Thanks for the warning.

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I’m the same don’t have any photo id so would properly have to go back to just paypal i think if applying for a new driving license it would take along time to come through the way things are at the moment

I had to use my passport. Only id I have.

I have emailed them will let you know what they say. Have not had a passport since 2001 and do not need one.

Tbh i only applied for a passport because of a legal requirement when my mum passed away a few years ago. I don’t go abroad and don’t intend to either. Passport is my only ID.

I set up Stripe about a month ago, and was not been asked for any particular ID, and the process seemed very straightforward. I have not had any email from them since set up, and certainly not one of the nature you describe. I have only had one sale through Stripe, and would not be very happy supplying a US based company with so much data to be honest, so if I am asked I will not comply. If they withdraw the facility then so be it. I hate to mention it, but do you think it might be a scam phishing email and not from Stripe at all?

I initially thought that Judy but accessed the email on my account, have sent the electoral roll form and a copy of the council tax.

I logged into my account direct and the request is showing at the top of the account.

@JudyAdams I got mine a while after setting up, I think it was after a few payments had gone through so maybe even half a year later. It’s something that any payment processor can ask for (such as PayPal or Etsy), they don’t always ask everyone or do it straight away, sometimes particular things might trigger it, but like @MaxPringJewellery says, they do it because they have legal requirements they have to keep to.

Like you say though, it’s always be good to be wary of emails asking for information like that, but if you’ve had the email and log in to your Stripe account (not clicking any email links), then you should find the request in there too.

Thanks for the additional info Kim. I agree with you that it’s always safer not to click on an email link but to check it out on the website itself and your own account there. Now I know what to expect! If they do ask for that info. I am still not sure whether I will comply as it is an awful lot of sensitive personal information. I know that they are a reputable company, but I wonder how well they protect their data storage against hackers? But then again I AM a bit of a privacy freak - it’s one of the reasons I don’t do social media!

Yeah it will part of the KYC (know your customer) checks finance companies are required to do to play their part in preventing things like money laundering and terrorist financing (think crafters are probs low risk for these activities - the mind boggles!). Is just a pain if it ends up excluding genuine customers. Having said that many banks have found ways to be flexible and still meet requirements so hopefully Stripe will take a common sense approach. Don’t have an email from them as yet but is probs inevitable.

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Still talking with Stripe they have agreed the council tax bill and electoral register form can be used. Uploaded tonight will let you know how I get on.

There must be plenty of people who do not have the latest licence or passports.

Getting really angry now the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, told what I have submitted would be accepted, now changed their minds. Been threatened with holding onto any funds, Folksy should look for a new partner. What wit Pudddle and now this feel like giving up.


Wonder if PayPal will be doing the same?

Well if they do that will finish me selling online. The trouble is my selling is so small would not be worth laundering, lol.

I think there’s a lack of understanding from companies like these - at the moment renewing a passport is almost impossible, and when I renewed my driving licence it took weeks. They should be able to offer alternatives without all the stress they are giving you Caroline @Carolee.Crafts

I think it should’ve done by value through the account. I hardly think any of us would be in the bracket. When I worked at a solicitors it was any cash over £10k