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CALLING ALL SELLERS: You can now enable your shop to take card payments!

(Thedotterypotter) #82

OK - so I signed up when it was part of the signing up testing group - just gone into dashboard to have a look around and it’s asking me to verify ID before I can accept payments. It;s asking for passport, ID card or driving licence!!

Did it ask anyone else for this - The only thing I have is driving license and I’m not sure I want to share that with any agency!

How ironic - I didn’t have any of this with the Dark Side sign up but I have here…

ETA - oh hold on…I may have that wrong - it says your account holders need to verify their identity - maybe this is Folksy itself? I just seem to be admin for my account? Oh, this is confusing! Everything is coming up with Folksy’s name on it in my account.

ETA @dougfolksy - could you clarify for me please :slight_smile:

(Sarah Eves) #83

So am!
Do customers see it too??? @dougfolksy
Because it looks as if we’re somewhat slapdash if customers can see that banner too, announcing to the world that we haven’t signed up for card payments!

(Kim Blythe) #84

I don’t think customers can see it…my hubby logged on and he doesn’t sell on here, he can’t see it.
It’s just there to annoy us sellers until we sign up…

(Camilla) #85

Kim @KBCreations is right, Sarah - the notification only shows up for logged-in Folksy sellers, so buyers won’t see it (unless they also have a shop). The notification won’t stay there forever though - but as not all sellers log into their shops every day we need to give them time to see it.

The aim behind all of this is to make it as easy as possible for people to buy your work. We know that some shoppers aren’t being given the option to pay by card unless they sign up to a Paypal account (which not everyone wants to do) and we want to make sure that if people want to pay by card, they can. But we also know that signing up to a service you’re not familiar with can raise lots of concerns, so it’s important that we give you all the information you need.

We’ve updated the Knowledge Base article with lots of your questions and answers, but if there’s anything else you’re not sure about, please do give us a shout.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #86


I still haven’t had an answer on what is our Seller Protection when using Stripe? Has this been looked into what are the legal requirements regarding DS laws etc etc.
what is the complaints proceedurer?

With Paypal there is protection the buyer can’t pretend they never recieved an item in order to simply get a free item.

Theres no point saying oh no ones going to do that on Folksy they do it anywhere buy at a price then do a charge back so they have the money and the item then they’ll sell that item at car boots, of facebook, ebay, gumtree etc etc. They don’t much care what the item is as they end up getting it for free and will sell it for peanuts.

(Camilla) #87

Hi Eileen.

We’ve delved further into this issue for you. Hopefully this is all useful and good news, but if you still feel uncomfortable please note that you don’t need to sign up for Stripe. This is an additional service we want to offer Folksy sellers so they can still receive orders from customers who are unable to use Paypal, or who would rather not use Paypal.

Disputes & Chargebacks

The seller protection is much the same on PayPal and Stripe. On both platforms a buyer can claim the item hasn’t been received to open a dispute or Chargeback and you will be asked to provide evidence to prove that the item was sent:

There are two ways to open a claim in PayPal. Only one in Stripe.

  1. In the case of a Chargeback (ie. when the cardholder queries the payment with their bank - this can happen through Stripe or PayPal), the bank will decide the outcome of the dispute.

  2. In the case of a PayPal dispute (ie. where the buyer has opened a claim in PayPal’s Resolution Centre), PayPal decide the outcome of the dispute.

For both types of dispute, the evidence you will provide and the resolution process is much the same.

Paypal Seller Protection

For a transaction to be eligible for PayPal Seller Protection it must meet a number of criteria as set out here

It’s important to note that PayPal Seller Protection is not a promise. It’s a set of guidelines for you to follow which will make it more likely for PayPal to rule in your favour.

Similarly a dispute against a transaction that meets the same criteria on Stripe is as likely to be ruled in your favour as it would be in PayPal.

As the resolution process for all disputes depends on the evidence you submit, we would recommend always keeping good records, using a delivery service that requires a signature on delivery where possible, and communicating well with your customers throughout the order process (eg letting them know when and how you have posted an order). Things that can help include: records of email communications, shipment tracking numbers, proof of shipment and delivery that includes the full delivery address, not just the city/town or postal code code, and proof of any replacements sent.

There is advice from both PayPal and Stripe to prevent disputes happening:

Distance Selling Regulations / Consumer Contract Regulation

To answer your other question, the Distance Selling Regulations are the same, whether you are paid through Paypal or through Stripe. You can read those here:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #88

Thank you @dougfolksy :slight_smile:

(BrickingIt) #89

I’ve signed up for the Stripe option - I think it will definitely boost conversion rate. Not sure if I’ve missed it on this huge thread, but what is the timescale for going live? This will be a great marketing opportunity as far as I’m concerned and can’t come soon enough!

(Sarah Bell) #90

@JoSara Thanks for that info, I didn’t get a notifcation but the resent one did arrive immediately.

Is the SMS thing in the profile the authenticator for security?
I have a ‘verify your account’ button in the ‘business settings’ tab, which asks for a phone no. but it also says charges apply for the text message? Will these be massive charges for an international message :-/

(Jo Sara) #91

I think I did the phone verification through my profile, not the business section. Don’t remember seeing anything about charges there. Might have missed it. I’m pay as you go on my phone with no way of checking if there was a charge. But I’ve got plenty of credit left so I don’t think there was.

(magsmaxwelljewellerydesign) #92

Hello Folksy Friends I have signed up for Stripe - which seemed fine and relatively easy to do (for a non-technical personage like my self) And so far so good…Will certainly take on handy hints for changing mobile no…only thing Ive noticed so far is that I seem to be receiving a lot of spam emails pretending to be from Stripe when Ive made no sales at all so I know they can’t possibly be from Stripe. Any thoughts real Folksy people :slight_smile: best Mags

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #93

Hello! I’m so relieved to see this thread, as I too am hesitant to sign up to Stripe. Many of my questions have been answered, but the one thing that concerns me still is this. If a buyer has a number of items in their basket from different sellers, and all sellers but one have signed up to Stripe, then that one non-Stripe seller negates the possibility of the buyer paying by debit/credit card. So in the end, although a seller chooses Stripe, it still may not work for them because someone else hasn’t. I don’t like the fact that one seller’s choice can affect how another seller’s shop can ‘operate’. Hope that makes sense. Yvonne :slight_smile:

(Deborah Jones) #94

This is exactly the reason that sellers were forced to take it up on the other side, so customers had a consistent shopping experience.
There is no way to please everyone it seems. Hopefully in time the doubters will get on board here.
Maybe it should be made compulsory for all new shops joining to accept both, as they would know in advance that it was a requirement, and they could choose to not open if they were anti.

(Minerva) #95

I was wondering about the same thing and Doug at Folksy explained. See page 46 of this thread…

(Gwin Kerry) #96

The deal basically sounds the same as signing up for a mobile card payment machine except @Folksy are in the middle taking their fees as agents or middlemen or whatever and you don’t need to be present for the transaction. Stripe need to be able to debit your account to process refunds and the few days processing time for payments is normal. I find that this processing time still happens when you pay using your card on the highstreet at some big name stores - it takes a few days for it to show up in your account as a transaction.

My main concern is how chargebacks are handled and what fees are involved. @dougfolksy?

(Gwin Kerry) #97

I just spotted the previous reply about seller protection and charge backs - it all looks good to me :slight_smile:

(Minerva) #98

Is there a restriction when paying PP invoices too? Or can they pay as many as they wish?

(PrettyHopsAndJumps) #99

Many thanks, @BelaFarCrafts that was very helpful. :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #100

I’ve never had anyone have a problem with that. :slight_smile:

(Birdandmonkey) #101

I’ve just enabled this feature. To be honest anything that makes it easier for customers is good with me. Thanks Folksy :+1::+1: