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CALLING ALL SELLERS: You can now enable your shop to take card payments!

(Natalie Franca) #102

Me too! I just had a customer who’s been trying to buy 2 pairs of gloves from me for the past hour, she wanted to stay as a guest buyer and didn’t want to register PayPal, I helped as much as I could, explaining she didn’t need a PayPal account to Pay on there, I even offered for her to pay by bank transfer (and then I’d ask support to mark the items as sold on here). She didn’t want to do any of that, she just wanted to pay by direct checkout and not go via PayPal at all…

I thought I’d lost the sales as I didn’t hear back from her, but she then found me on the other side and bought them there. So I really can’t wait for it to go live! :slight_smile:


( Valerie Dockerty) #103

Just received this message from stripe have had to verify phone again hope this works this time As i will give up if not

Hi Valerie,
Unfortunately, we were unable to verify the information you provided, and will be unable to accept payments on your behalf. We’re sorry that we won’t be able to support your business here at Stripe.
If you believe that we’ve made a mistake, we’d like to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. To help us effectively revisit your account, please complete the following form:

(Camilla) #104

Hi Valerie. Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Would you be able to let our Support team know what’s been happening - ie whether you were trying to verify your account by text message and whether it’s marked as enabled in your Folksy dashboard?

(Sasha Garrett) #105

Hi Camilla @folksycontent I was one of the guinea pigs and now I’m back I’ve been having a play with the stripe dashboard and my url is set to not my own shop and it won’t let me change it - should it be the generic folksy address or does this need changing ASAP before it goes live? My folksy dashboard shows that I’m connected to stripe. I’m not having the same ID verification issues as dotterypottery though, I’m now verified using the text code to my mobile thingy.

( Valerie Dockerty) #106

Many thanks Camilla

Confusion about card payments

I keep trying to set up Stripe card payments but it says my postcode is invalid and it is asking me for a city. I am in Guernsey and our postcodes are recognised UK postcodes. We have no city here. I emailed Folksy but no reply. Can you help?

(Camilla) #108

I’ve found this article Karen and I’m so sorry but it looks like businesses based in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man (so those based in a British Crown Dependency) aren’t currently supported by Stripe.

They do say they are continuing to roll out globally, so you could ask them if they have a timescale for Guernsey. You can contact them here

(Camilla) #109

Hi Karen. Just to let you know I’ve flagged this up with our team and we’re going to contact Stripe to find out more.


Hi Camilla,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

This is such a shame as I will now be at a disadvantage compared to those Folksy sellers who can take cards.

I have contacted Stripe, but if their answer is not a positive one, I may have to consider closing my Folksy shop as many people these days prefer to shop using cards rather than PayPal.

Kind regards,

(Eileens Craft Studio) #111

I wouldn’t close your shop due to some American third party app.

Not everyone is signing up to it any way.


Thanks Camilla.


Thanks Eileen. I will wait and see for now.

(Kim Blythe) #114

I did a poll recently on a Facebook selling group I belong to. Out of the 259 who voted only 2 of those people said that they only wanted to pay using a card. 201 said that they prefer to use Paypal, 14 prefer to use card but would pay Paypal if there was no card option, 42 said they were happy with either and had no preference.
I certainly wouldn’t be closing my shop based on those figures…

Sorry…this was in reply to @WonderWoollens , I clicked ‘reply’ on the wrong post!!..more tea needed…



Thanks Kim, that’s really interesting. I’ll hang in there for now.


(Joy Salt) #116

I have lots of customers who pay by card now. They message me via the problem paying routine to say they want to. I send them a direct Paypal invoice which they pay by card, I mark order as sold and send it and everyone is happy.

(Dawn Sneesby) #117

Hi Camilla,

I’ve had an email from my bank today saying a new direct debit has been set up on my account for Groupay, I’m just checking this is for Stripe.

Thank you.

(Camilla) #118

Hi Dawn. This sounds like it’s for your Folksy Plus Account as when you join or renew your Plus account it sets up a mandate to make a one-off payment of £45 (it’s a one-off payment, not recurring). However, if you’re unsure about any direct debit or transaction we would always recommend calling your bank on their customer service number.

(Dawn Sneesby) #119

Thank you Camilla, I’ll look into it.

(Dawn Sneesby) #120

It is for Folksy Plus account Camilla, just looked on online banking.

(Liz Clark) #121

In my Stripe Dashboard, under Business Settings it says my account is Verified (Verified is in green).
Yet on the Stripe Dashboard under Recent it still says “Your account’s owners need to confirm their identity. We can’t send payouts until identity verification is complete.” If I click on that text it wants me to verify by sending a copy of Passport, ID Card or Driving licence. I’m not happy to do that, so I’ll have to leave it there for now.