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CALLING ALL SELLERS: You can now enable your shop to take card payments!

(Christine E.) #122

Oh, for goodness sake! I thought my Stripe account was all sorted, but I went to the dashboard for the first time and it says 'Your account’s owners need to confirm their identity. we can’t send payouts until identity verification is complete’
I go to “verify” and there’s all this nonsense about sending driving license or passport details!!
I’m now going to see if I can unjoin. I’m quite annoyed about this.

(Christine E.) #123

Sorry, I was so cross I wrote this before reading Liz Clark’s @BigBirdLittleBird post. Perhaps everyone who thinks it’s all sorted has to jump through this further hoop :angry:

(Thedotterypotter) #124

That’s what happened to me and I have had to unjoin and re-join Stripe - not sure if Folksy is connected now though as when I unjoined Stripe my Folksy account still said that it was connected and I didn’t even have a Stripe account at that point!

I’ve got no idea now whatsoever - lol!

(Christine E.) #125

I never have sales any more, so I suppose I shouldn’t worry about it!..:slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #126

I think I’ve closed the account now. I’ll just continue with Paypal, thanks.

(Helen Healey) #127

(I’ve posted this on here and on the other thread that’s running about this subject as the verification issue is cropping up on both threads.)

I’m still holding off signing up for this because there are so may people on here and on another thread saying that when they go to the Stripe dashboard they’re being asked for copies of their passport or driving license.

I really wanted to sign up for this because I’ve had customers who have had problems paying by card. For every customer that lets me know that they’re having trouble, I suspect there is another that just gives up and doesn’t contact me. For that reason I was so looking forward to being able to take payment by card.

However, the amount of people that seem to be having this verification problem is really putting me off signing up. If only there was a simple solution :disappointed_relieved:

(Helen Clifford) #128

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and had no problems at all. Verfified via a text message to my phone, nothing more. All I’d like now is the first sale!

(Sasha Garrett) #129

Helen I’ve been through my stripe dashboard and can find no notifications that I need to provide a copy of my passport or anything like that. I was one of the guinea pigs so signed up before most and if I was going to be asked for it I would have expected them to have asked by now. They probably ask a certain percentage so you just have to play the odds.

(Dawn Sneesby) #130

I’ve signed up with no problem Helen, not been asked for passport or anything. Why don’t you give it a try? if they do ask you for something you’re not happy about you can always abandon it.

(Helen Healey) #131

Thanks Helen @HelenCliffordArt, Sasha, @SashaGarrett and Dawn @dawnsneesbyjewellery. I guess I need to pluck up the courage and go for it - I’ll hold off a bit longer and then decide what to do. I’m not great with technology and often seem to run into problems whenever I attempt anything like this so it’s all been a bit off-putting. Still - if I don’t try, I’ll never know!

(Anna Lisa Walker) #132

Having the same problem, am being asked to verify account with a passport etc and wondering why some people seem to be asked and not others or maybe as Christine said, some people have just seen the ‘Connected’ notification on their Folksy page and haven’t logged into their Stripe account and seen the message to complete the verification. Unless it’s our government asking for these details I feel uneasy providing them. Is that nonsensical as I’ve happily supplied them with my bank details?!!

(Anna Lisa Walker) #133

Just found this on Stripe customer support
Sorry if this has already been noted, am loosing track of who said what

(Sasha Garrett) #134

Anna @WonderousOddities if you were to go into a UK bank to open an account you would be asked for proof of identity and proof of address - most of us would turn up with our passport or drivers license and a recent utilities bill to do that. This is an american bank (they just lack a physical branch) and they are asking some people for proof of ID. This doesn’t seem an unreasonable request to me but then I’ve provided scans of my passport to other countries’ visa agency to get travel authorisation/ e-visas and had my passport photocopied more times than I care to remember by hotels as that is a requirement of staying there imposed by that country (I hope they shred those photocopies but I don’t actually know that happens). I guess it is what you are used to as to whether or not you are happy with providing scans of ID and if you are not happy with it then don’t do it. (the irony - I would happily provide a scan of my passport but haven’t been asked, I have double checked my stripe dashboard)

(Anna Lisa Walker) #135

Thanks Sasha, what you say is very true - think I’ll just go ahead and verify it tomorrow so I can tick it off the list! Not sure when the payment system will go live on Folksy but am worried that as it now stands I’m now only half registered and the option to pay by card may show up in my shop but Stripe will be unable to complete the purchase which would be counterproductive to say the least (this is just a thought and I have no grounds to base it on obviously!) Also I haven’t had any conformation email for registering which I thought was odd - maybe because I gave my landline number instead of mobile. Anyway I’ve had enough of it for today so will sort it tomorrow!

(Christine E.) #136

As I said on one thread or the other, my bank recently asked me to confirm my ID, even though I’ve had an account with them for 40 years! I was going to send copies through the post, but had to find someone like a doctor or airline pilot(!) to countersign, so I gave up in the end. I know I’m who I am and if they don’t believe me they can come round here and I’ll show them my documents! Not my problem!
I could have done it through Vimeo, but I’m old and not not good with computers, so I just knew I’d get in a muddle…
Same with this. It’s a bit different if you’re using your passport for the reason it was intended, but who are these people who are collecting our personal information? How do we know they’re all honest?
Also, Etsy seemed to manage the change without all this stress…

(Sasha Garrett) #137

My confirmation email didn’t come through initially but I found a resend option on the dashboard, clicked on that and almost instantly it came through (and now I’ve done it I don’t have the option to do it again and can’t remember where it was, I think under my profile (icon top right corner).

(Beaniehats) #138

I haven’t either of those ID’s so I guess I can’t sign up for stripe. There will also be others like me who don’t drive and have a passport so if this ever became compulsory I would have to close up shop.

(Helen Clifford) #139

@beaniehats, As not everyone is being asked, why not sign up anyway on the principle you won’t be, either… Iif you are asked to provide the info, then don’t - but why not try?

(Claire Woodhead) #140

I’ve got the same problem. I don’t want to send a copy of passport etc. Will have to close Stripe account I think.

(Karen Ellam) #141

I’ve just been brave and logged into Stripe to see if all was ok after reading about a lot of verification issues.

Fingers crossed…
all seems fine and ready, set up and waiting for payments.