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Can any of the regulars here critique my new shop please

(ByAubree) #1

Hi Everyone,

I am very new meaning as of today I have finished the first batch of handmade items I have to list.

So far can any of you regulars what you think of my shop, my products, my pictures and my pricing…basically everything!

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to all comments.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Wow, all I can say is ‘gorgeous stuff!’

Your photos are lovely, and your descriptions are full and descriptive - I can see you getting lots of sales!

All I’d add is the postage rates for multiple purchases, as that encourages people to buy more than one item.

(Liz Clark) #3

I think it all looks very good Aubree, so I’ll just say “hi” and welcome to Folksy :slight_smile:

(ByAubree) #4

Thanks very much for your kind words, I am very grateful.

I do not really understand your comment about my postage though because I do not charge any extra for additional items so should the customer buy 1 or even 4 items the postage is still the same.

(ByAubree) #5

Many thanks also Liz and Hello to you too and I am very glad to be here.

(Leathermeister) #6

@ByAubree good evening and welcome to Folksy, the way your postage is currently will mean if a customer buys two different items they get charged postage twice one for each item, if you put in additional charge they get charged for 1 at the full rate and 1 at a reduced rate. Hazel

(ByAubree) #7

Ok, I understand Hazel.

Sorry but I have newbieitess!

All comments are very welcome because as you can see I will get tripped up very easily.

(ByAubree) #8

Hazel, is there a way to mass edit my postage rates?

Never mind, I see it now and have adjusted it.

Does that look about right now?

(Sasha Garrett) #9

As a jeweller I think you need to clarify some of your titles, at the moment you have titles like ‘Silver Water Drop Locket Necklace with Dried Heather and Birthstones’ when it is not silver or even silver plate but silver tone base metal and crystals not gemstones and so I think the title is a little misleading. Given that it is base metal you might want to find out if it is guarenteed nickel free and state that in the listing. Also can the locket be removed from the chain to be put on a shorter one or ribbon? People like to know these things. I also think that the description of the ‘gemstones’ later on in the listing needs clarification - are they synthetic gems, cubic zircona, swarovski crystal or coloured glass? Sorry to be pedantic but these things matter (well they do to people like me).
On the plus side your photos are brilliant, your product is attractive so I’m sure you will sell lots.

(ByAubree) #10

Thanks Sasha for your comments which are well noted but nearly all the “silver” items are silver plated so I’m told and I think it is a little premature for you to assume it is “silver tone base metal” just by looking at the picture. Also, I am told by the supplier that they are nickel free and he has the certification to proof it if needed.

As I am not sure of the silver plating or nickel free I have simply described most as “Silver coloured” as you can see in all descriptions.

I also note that many of your items have the very same description being just “Silver” with just a few stating sterling silver (I saw the dinosaur as being that at just a brief look).

As for the “gemstones”, I am not aware that I have ever put this in any listing and the only gemstone I have used is Tanzanite and semi-precious being Lapis Lazuli. Of course most are synthetic because if real the price would be far much more. Anyway, I will review and revise where needed.

As for the removal of the chain, personally I thought it would have been very obvious that the chain can be removed just by glancing at the pictures and I do not really want to list endless possibilities of what you can and cant do with my items. I could list many thing such as could be used as an ankle bracelet if fitted with a shorter chain but I really think my descriptions and self explanatory for anyone with even basic knowledge of necklaces.

(Samantha Stanley) #11

Hi Susannah, welcome to Folksy-We are all very friendly here so feel free to ask any question you like and you’ll get lots of helpful advice.

I love that your photographs are all on black backgrounds. That is unusual for Folksy and makes the colours really “ping!”

On the subject of silver plate, gemstones, glass or otherwise I do agree with Sasha that it is as well to be a bit scrupulous with your description on these matters. Some people believe that genuine semi precious crystals have psychoactive or healing powers, and they may be expecting to receive something of that nature. I often use Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads because the colours are incomparable and I think that it’s a selling point to include this information in the description too! If I were your customer I would also like to know whether or not you had hand-made the frame for the pendant and if the clear front was made of glass, plastic or perspex.

Your prices seem very reasonable and not too low so I think that if you just make a few changes you will be very successful!

Love Sam x

(ByAubree) #12

Hi and many thanks for your comments.

Very happy to take all advice onboard and I will make the adjustments suggested.

Thanks again, I am very grateful

(Samantha Stanley) #13

UR welcome!

(Sasha Garrett) #14

You asked for critism and feedback so sorry if I offended but this is why you need to be clear about what it is you are selling. Your listings have the necklaces described as silver coloured which could be applied to aluminium, rhodium plate over copper/ base metal, surgical steel, silver, silver plate over base metal etc but the title states silver, so clarification is needed. The supplier of the empty lockets should be able to give you the details of what the metal and or plating is and it is worth clarifying whether or not there is any nickel present, a number of people are allergic and are reassured by seeing these things in the listing. With the chain you could simply change the wording to ’ comes with a 24 inch silver tone chain but could easily be removed and threaded onto a different one’, you don’t have to specify what it could go on just that it can be done - again don’t assume that people are going to look closely at all your pictures (I obviously didn’t did I?). People like the reassurance of seeing what they suspect is the case written down so that they know it to be the case.
My items are described as silver as that is what they are (and could be called sterling silver if I could be bothered to update all the listings) - they could be sent to the assay office and be stamped if I so wanted to but since I can legally sell silver items containing under 7.78g of silver without getting them assayed I don’t do so as it can add significant amounts to the cost. All my silver findings are stamped 925 by the manufacturer to show that they are sterling silver rather than continental silver or tibetan silver (both of which have a lower proportion of silver in the alloy), silver plate or silver tone. Where I have used a metal other than silver I make sure that it is obvious that it is not silver eg I have aluminium cuffs in my shop and they are titled as aluminium cuffs not as silver cuffs in the title and then silver tone aluminium in the listing.

(ByAubree) #15

Sasha, you have not offended me in the slightest but you did assume many things regarding silver tone and gemstones when you are simply wrong.

Since, by your very own admission, that “if I could be bothered to update all the listings” you have I think you have no right to criticize any other listings when you are guilty of the very same you assume of others.

Sorry if I offended you but looking at your listings they need serious revisions along the lines of what you are telling others to do.

By the way, my silver snake chains are also stamped 925 by the manufacturer to show that they are Sterling Silver and and all other silver chain are Silver Plated not just “24 inch silver tone chain” as you have incorrectly assumed yet again. I just choose not to put it in the description and if the customer asks I will tell them exactly what it is. It may even pleasantly surprise them as both are much better than your “Silver Tone” assumption!

Seriously, no offence intended but come on.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

gosh is that locket with the starfish really a 100year old bronze locket as I love lockets and especially antique ones.

(ByAubree) #17

Oh come on Eileen (thats a song right)

Very funny!


Antique bronze - The first recorded use of antique bronze as a color name in English was in 1910

(Dawn Sneesby) #18

I think your shop is absolutely lovely and please don’t let the last couple of comments put you off the forum. Your descriptions are very accurate, your photos fabulous and products gorgeous.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #19

oh so it’s not antique bronze then only antique bronze colour. Disappointed

You might think about adding colour to your listing then as you don’t want your listing to be seen as false advertising.

(ByAubree) #21

Thanks for your kind comments Dawn.

I am happy about the comments and at least I know that majority who have viewed my shop are positive about it which means a lot for a newbie like me.

I also know that my items wipe the floor with others jewelry sections and they even have the cheek to criticize!!

Beyond belief really.