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Can I cancel an order?

My customer made a purchase a few days ago and asked me to put it on hold - he thought somebody else may have bought something similar as a gift.

Today is the day that the item should be shipped so I am thinking of writing to the customer and saying that I will cancel the order, refund him fully and he can contact me if he wishes to go ahead in the future.

So … how do I do that? I can’t find anywhere that says to cancel.

Go to the order detail page, and scroll down - there should be an option to cancel it there, usually visible after 24 hours.

Thanks Christine @ciesse, that’s what I’ve done in the past when a customer has ordered and failed to pay but when I look at order details there is no option to cancel.

Well, that’s odd - it usually stays there until the item is marked as shipped, which yours obviously isn’t. I did read that Folksy were considering removing the 24 hour rule, so maybe that’s why. Probably best to check with support.

I thought the cancel option was only there if payment hadn’t gone through? it sounds as if Sally’s customer has paid (she mentions giving a refund) I would email him to say unless he contacts you today you have to post the item out to comply with Folksy regulations(I assume you have the standard 3 working days to post that Folksy put on all orders) then if he decides to return it for a refund he is responsible for return postage, it might be that he’s not had chance to contact the person who he thinks has bought something similar but that isn’t your fault.

Thanks @ciesse - thought I was missing something! My only option at the moment is to mark it as shipped and give feedback.

I did in fact contact the customer to tell him I was going to cancel and have made a full refund thinking that might give me some more options with Folksy but apparently not!

I’ll contact support.

You have to refund the payment, then ask support to mark it as unpaid before you can cancel it.

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Thanks Diane @DeesDesigns, I don’t want to make him take it if he doesn’t want it. I’ll contact support and ask them if they can cancel.

I wonder what happens if somebody places an order and as a seller I decide if don’t want to fulfil that order? It would seem we don’t have an option of declining either?

Thank you! @ciesse


I need to cancel an order as paypal payment never went through. I can’t find a “cancel order” button either.

Anyone else having this problem recently?

You need to actually click on the order to open up the detail. Once into it there will be a cancel button, if the payment isn’t showing as complete.
Otherwise you should contact Support and they will do it for you.

i’ve already clicked on the order and there’s no cancel order button. I’ve contacted support who said there was a problem with the set up. They’re getting the engineers out. so I’ll wait.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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I hope this isn’t the start of problems as they change the checkout system to include Stripe…I know they are hoping to go live with it later today or tomorrow.
This is the worst time of year to change the system…


That’s a very good point… I still shudder from the memory of 4 / 5 years ago following a major change pre-Xmas which tried to kill us off