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Cancelled after shipping!

I hope you don’t mind but 2 questions…
I received an order, posted and marked order as shipped on Folksy site on day of payment made. Would customer have seen this shipped status/ received email her end, or should have sent my own direct email?

She now wants to cancel the order as she says item won’t arrive in time for event.
Have explained it’s on its way and offered to refund item cost on its return but not postage costs. Is this the right thing to do? Should I have waited a few days before sending just in case of customer changing mind?
Thought I was being really efficient!!! Hrumph!

I always send mine out as soon as I can too, it’s good customer service.
The customer is entitled to cancel the order within 2 weeks of receiving it under the Distance Selling Regulations. Providing she has let you know, in writing, and the item is returned to you in new condition (as sold) she is entitled to a full refund of the item and original posting costs. She has to cover the cost of returning the item to you unless you have stated otherwise. This doesn’t apply if the item is personalised in any way or made to the customers own requirements (custom order).

Kim x


Thanks Kim. If she does return item and I refund her the original amount, it’s going the cost me more than I made!! How do you or others price your items to cover this eventuality?

You have to build that into your pricing model. Folksy do have some advice on their blog:

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Don’t forget to email admin ( and let them know that the order was cancelled and you refunded it and they will refund you their fees.