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How to cancel an order which has been paid for

Hopefully someone with more experience than me could help me out here. I’ve had an order, which the customer had paid for. They then e-mailed me shortly afterwards and asked me to cancel it. I’ve previously cancelled orders which hadn’t been paid and it’s really easy but, because this one has been paid for, there is no button to click to cancel it. Can anyone tell me how to do this please? (I’ve issued the refund via PayPal so that bit’s sorted.)

I’d drop admin/ support an email explaining the situation - they should be able to cancel it and remove their charges from your bill for you.

OK. Thanks Sasha.

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I had to do a refund a few months ago for a personalised card which was paid for, but the buyer didn’t leave any details about what they wanted and didn’t reply to my many e-mails.
You have to refund via Paypal first and then send an e-mail to Folksy admin, with the order number (from your dashboard) and they will cancel the order.

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Thanks for that. I’ve done that now so I’ll just need to wait til Monday now when Support are back at work.