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Checkout problem

just had an order from a customer and contacted her as payment hadnt gone through.
She says she said her payment wouldnt go through unless she signed up for paypal and she didnt want to do that so I have lost the sale
So is this true that all customers have to pay through paypal ?

Yes paypal is the only way but customers can use paypal as a guest user without opening an account and use their card for payment. I believe there is a limit to how many times they can do that though.

Make sure you send an email to support so that they know this has happened - being made aware of it should increase the chances of getting a non paypal check out option. (a non paypal checkout has been previously mentioned but would be costly and complicated to sort out as it needs to be able to get the right amount of money to the right person, other shopping platforms the money goes into a central account and they then pay you 24 hours (or more) later, with paypal we get our money instantly)
When I had someone who did not want to pay with paypal I offered to let them pay by cheque but warned them that I wouldn’t post the item until the cheque had cleared, they were happy with this and I just marked the order as paid once the cheque had cleared. Also I believe that you can send them a paypal invoice which doesn’t require them to have an account and doesn’t have a maximum number of times they can use it without an account but I don’t have any experience of doing that.

thank you ladies I didnt realise paypal was the only option, yes I will let folksy know too

Hi Diane, I had a lady who didnt want to paypal and she did a bank transfer - I did check with Folksy and they said it was fine, I just had to check the box “payment received” Rachel

thats an option _ never thought of_ but I think it must be offputing to customers if they cant pay at checkout. Wonder if that is why I get orders that are never completed.

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