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Can't sign in getting "the change you requested has been rejected......"

(Joy Salt) #1

Is this just me ?

All ok again now but that was a really odd message.

Think its just me. My laptop is doing something very odd with my url shortcuts.
I’d delete this topic but can’t remember how ??

(Christine Shephard) #2

I’ve just updated my Windows 8 on the laptop, and it’s doing crazy things too. I hate it when they release upgrades!

(Joy Salt) #3

Think it might be my laptop - it has been a bit odd lately. Not infected or anything but I had to update both Skype and Itunes the other day and you know when you do that they install all sorts of things you don’t want. Off now to see what they’ve set up on here and I’ll remove it.
PC Doctor :slight_smile:

(Alison Deegan) #4

I’ve been getting the same message on my windows phone Joy, but not so far on laptop. I can log in if I go back to login page. I do have to log in each & every time I view a diff tab or phone locks screen, which I know others had experienced before but I hadn’t noticed on my laptop.