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Search not working?

I’ve just tried searching for a necklace for a gift for someone and the Sorry something went wrong thingy came up. I tried simpler search terms ending up with just ‘card’ still got the something went wrong screen- it said if you are the owner check the logs?

Think something is wrong with the site, I’m getting the same.

Contact folksy support.

Yes something is definitely not right with the search/tags feature.
I always check my tags in a search when listing a new item just to check I’ve got it right.
The item I’ve just listed isn’t there when searched, and it should be pretty easy to find as its a Red Apple Charm.

I searched also using price guide and that failed to find the item too.

Just bringing this to your attention @sianfolksy just incase you aren’t aware.

Karen :blush:

Karen @karenscraftybitz there is another link just gone up they are trying to fix it.
Thought I’d say just incase you haven’t seen it

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Just spotted it. Thanks @hobbitgirlie1880 :blush:


There have been some issues with search today, which may be leading to some pages being unresponsive. But it should be up and running properly again now. Let us know if you spot any problems!