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Confused order!

Hi All,
I have a query re a started order, the buyer has requested an alternative to paypal saying there are issues with her card and paypal. Having been reading comments about Stripe I am not ready to try that option. Also looking at the order there is no p&P listed it just says 0 but on my listing there is a cost for p&p! This is important for this order as the address is USA.
Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions? Any advice gratefully accepted,Thank you Jane

If you get her e-mail address and send her an invoice directly through paypal - she can pay as a guest (she doesn’t need to have an account - so she can use her debit or credit card- not one linked to Paypal if she likes)

You can add the postage to the invoice. She would have read the postage costs during the checkout process on here, so she shouldn’t be surprised.

You just need to go to “Create Invoice” on your Paypal account - add her e-mail address and the rest is straightforward.

Thank you Dottery Pottery I will have a look and try that. :cherry_blossom:

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The postage costs are missing because the delivery address doesn’t get confirmed until either the paypal or stripe stage of the process, the folksy system doesn’t know where the order is to be sent so just puts zero and we have to remember to add it on to the invoice.

Hi Sasha,
That’s good to know, if I send a direct invoice I will confirm the P&P. Thanks, Jane