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Items unpaid for in someone's basket

Someone has put 4 of my items in their shopping cart but hasn’t yet paid for them.
How long do you think is fair to wait for payment?
I have sent them a message asking them to pay so that I can get them in the post tomorrow as I don’t go out very often and also said that if they are not paid for by the weekend I will return them to my shop.
Is this fair of me? I being too worried?
If I need to return them to my shop, how do I do this and how do I get the fees back from folksy?
THanks for your help…I know that all you lovely shop keepers will give me good advice…and I am hopeful that they are genuine…but why don’t people just pay?

I had this problem yesterday. I got notification from Folksy that someone had ‘bought my work’, but 2 hours later I still hadn’t received payment so I sent an email to the customer just pointing out that checkout had not been completed and that I hadn’t received payment. I also said that once I received payment I would be happy to post the item to them…
I have had no response so I cancelled the order this morning.
If they haven’t paid then you just need to go in to the order on your dashboard and near the bottom is an option to cancel the order, which will return the items to your shop and refund any Folksy fees.


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Does anyone know if Folksy send an email to the customer informing them that the order has been cancelled?


thank you for that…I will give them 24 hours to pay and then follow your instructions.
I wonder if it would be unethical to have a page where there was a list of names of people who did this sort of thing, so that we could be on our guard?. On the other hand I suppose it would be unkind to have names on there if people made genuine mistakes.

im yet to buy on Folksy, do you have to confirm they want to order the items after putting the items in their basket, or does simply adding them to your basket send a notification?

Oh dear I’m now stubbed as I’ve got a Folksy buyer order now 3 of my baby cardigans but no payment.

When I got the information about the first order I contacted the customer via their folksy profile thanking them and asking if they were having problems with check out or had changed their minds etc.

Well they’ve answered my folksy message by asking for information that is in the listing ie photos, price and size and saying once they decide which to buy could I send the my paypal address.

I’ve replied to them saying that you for the second order of the other 2 cardies and explained all the details are in each listing and they just have to follow the directions at Checkout to pay via paypal.

I think they might be confused but I don’t know how to help them any advice on how to help my potential customer?

I think it would be most unfair, with nearly all the people who have ordered and not paid immediately from my shops it has been some sort of problem with the technology and they have either paid later or re-ordered. Even if it is a change of heart I don’t think you can name and shame people just because they don’t realise how Folksy works.

Ok my customer is having difficulties with checkout and has asked me to cancel so how do I cancel 2 orders anyone know how it’s done??

just putting them in their basket sends you a notification that someone has done just that but it always says to wait for payment…such a nuisance when people do this.

@EileensCraftStudio if you scroll right down to the bottom of the order page there should be a cancel button.

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@teabreaks Just putting the item in your basket definitely does not send the sales notification e-mail, the buyer had to actually click the ‘Commit to Buy’ (or whatever it says on it now) button. Unfortunately some people then experience difficulties with Paypal , or they’ve bought from 2 sellers and don’t realise they need to do the paypal thing twice, etc etc.

I notice quite a few unpaid orders today. Have an outstanding one myself. Wonder if the payment link is being iffy ?

In that case, perhaps people don’t realize. Generally on other websites, adding something to your basket doesn’t secure an order, on most websites you have to confirm that you want to buy the things in your basket. I’ve added something that’s ‘the last one’ to my basket on eBay before today, but unless i confirm that I want to buy it- the listing is still live.

Maybe this is something Folksy could make more clear to customers?

@twinkleandgloomart Don’t worry, putting something in your basket does not confirm the order. The checkout process is in 2 stages, very similar to ebay, and that’s where the confusion lies, some buyers never get past the first stage for whatever reason.

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I have sent them an email to ask if they intend to pay…no reply…which is ominous.

I just checked and the email said…******* has bought your item on folksy…so I did have a notification…

JoysofGlass…it will be interesting to see if any of them pay…

Ahh well that’s good to hear!

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So if you did have a notification then they have gone further than just putting the items in their basket, they have gone through checkout but not all the way through paypal. I find that many people who don’t complete checkout for whatever reason are less computer literate than perhaps we are and certainly don’t check their e-mails as often as we do.

The best thing to do is to send a polite e-mail to let them know the payment hasn’t gone through and that if you haven’t heard after 24 hours you will cancel the order but they should feel free to order again if they still want the items. I usually add a line saying if they have changed their minds not to worry. Remembering that the lack of payment may be quite unintentional or out of their control.

that is exactly what I have done Helen…I told them that I would wait until the weekend and if they hadn’t paid by then, I would put them back in the shop…thanks xx

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