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Copying Listings

(Leslie Morton) #1

Hi All

Do other shop owners experience this issue? I use the “copy” feature to populate my new listings as much of the information is the same across the board. All is fine until I go to adjust the tags for material and colour. If I remove the tags that are in the listing that I am copying to insert the new tags I am not able to place new tags unless I actually publish the listing and then I have to edit the live listing.

As the listing is live right away I take the chance of people seeing the wrong information until I have been able to edit the listing. Now, there’s not usually a delay in me doing this but sometimes I am distracted and cannot complete right away. Can anyone suggest a fix?

Many thanks in anticipation.


(Roz) #2

I use the copy listing all the time but have never come across this problem. Sorry can’t help you - perhaps try emailing Folksy admin.

(Kim Blythe) #3

Has this only just happened?
Maybe it’s connected to the problems we are having uploading pictures…


(Amanda Robins) #4

I’ve experienced the same problem from time to time but it seems to have sorted itself out for me over the last couple of months. When it does happen I just go and edit it immediately once it’s gone live and it works fine.

(Christine Shephard) #5

I often have this problem, but it only happens if you used all 5 materials/colours on the original listing. When you delete some, it doesn’t let you add new ones immediately. But you don’t have to publish the listing before editing it - it goes to ‘preview’ first, and you can edit it and make changes at that point, before you actually publish it.

(Shirley Woosey) #6

Happens all the time for me on most of my listings if I copy them.

You don’t need to make it live though before going back in to put in the colours and / or materials.

Just preview it and then press the edit button, then you can put in your colours etc. preview again and if correct, list it.

Doh! Just realised you have said the exact same thing as me Christine @ciesse

Shirley x

(Leslie Morton) #7

Hi all

Thanks for all of your answers. It’s not a new issue for me, it also occurs in my other shop opened in April. Yes, usually by previewing the listing and then editing I can input the tags but there are times I cannot do this until its published. I guess it must be some sort of bug, I will check it out with admin.

Knd regards,

(Joy Salt) #8

Happens all the time to me and always has done. Never thought to mention it to support but maybe we should !

(Leslie Morton) #9

Hi all

Just a quick update on this issue. Admin responded (within a couple of hours, by the way - so different from Etsy!) and confirmed this is a bug and they are looking for a fix. Apparently is only occurs if you use all five tags in colours and materials and you need to do basically what I have been doing. Apparently, if you use four or less it isn’t an issue so I imagine that it depends on whether you find better visibility with five rather than four tags.

Thank you so much for the responses - this is a super community.

Kind regards,

(Leslie Morton) #10

You got it exactly right Christine. Thank you

(Sue) #11

Yes, I have had this problem since I began listing a couple of weeks ago…sometimes they go in fine but mostly I have to preview the listing and then go to edit to put them right before I list.

This isn’t just a problem with using all 5 colours as I hardly ever use all 5 colours but still have the problem.

And yes @ManaicalMosaics I’ve noticed that admin are a hell of a lot more helpful on Folksy than on Etsy - just seem to get ignored on Etsy most of the time :slight_smile:

(Ajda) #12

I was told months ago that they were aware of this bug and were looking to fix it, but nothing has happened. Folksy admin may seem more helpful than Etsy admin, but whether they are actually doing anything about a problem is another matter…

I find some other aspects of the “copy” process slow and irritating as well. For example, changing pictures. You have to delete the original pictures one by one, clicking in a pop-up box to confirm each time - then it won’t let you delete the last one until you have uploaded at least one new one - and the new ones can only be uploaded one at a time rather than selecting and uploading a group at one go. What takes a couple of clicks on Etsy or eBay is a pain in the proverbial here on Folksy…

(Heidi Meier) #13

If I remove all the tags, then it does seem to stick, although if I leave at least one filled in, and add others, then it seems to be okay. But that does rely on having one of the previous tags the same!