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Couriers. who do you recommend?

(Flamingo Tree) #1

hello! i’m preparing to set up my shop and am trying to decide on a courier firm to use.
i have read conflicting reviews about every one i have looked at.

i have been considering myhermes as i have received deliveries from them on many occasions with no problems, but i have read terrible reviews from other customers.

who do you recommend?

(Pauline Hayward) #2

I usually log onto this site and find the best one from here.

I’ve used MyHermes in the past but was put off slightly by all the bad stories I’d heard so I found Collect+ and so far I haven’t had any problems with them

(Flamingo Tree) #3

thanks @PaulinesCrafts ! that’s really useful. i will check them out

(Donna) #4

I use too and have been using my hermes through them and have found them to be very reliable. In nearly 4 years they have only lost one parcel (I wish I could say the same for Royal Mail) and I was refunded the full retail cost of what was in the parcel and full delivery costs, so I really can’t complain.


I use Royal Mail for small items and Collect + for medium to big paintings. All is well so far. When using Royal Mail, if I am not sending the item signed for, I always ask for proof of postage.

(Flamingo Tree) #6

thanks @ShropshireNaturalProducts and @TeodoraPaintings.
my items will be rather bulky, as i will be stocking handmade cushions. collect + doesn’t have a drop off store within walking distance of me, and i think i’d prefer the convenience of door to door service.
i am encouraged to hear positive feedback about myhermes !

(Jo Sara) #7

I use Royal Mail as they seem to be the only company I can rely on to get my breakables door to door in one piece. I’ve used them for 4 years, sending hundreds of items and touch wood I’ve never had one go missing, and only 2 breakages which is a pretty good record(considering one of them was probably my fault at the start of my business when I was testing packaging levels) . I have tried couriers but the breakage rate was horrendous. In the small parcel price band the difference in cost to couriers seems to be pence now Royal Mail have reduced their prices, so I’m not losing out by sticking with them now either :smile:

(Funky Mosaics) #8

Nothing against Royal Mail, I used to use occassionally.But I really have a pet hate about queing at PO’s!!! (MY postie is brilliant however)
I too am voting for My Hermes. I have used them for a good few years now.
I used to go through Parcel2go but now just use them directly for uk deliveries. They are great and I like the convenience of my local chap collecting, always around the same time each day which is handy.
Another bonus I found recently is that once you have set up your account and sent a few parcels you can do a’ quick send’ based on your previous shipments which saves loads of time not having to type everything in each time. Tracking is good too!! :smiley:


(Flamingo Tree) #9

thanks @FunkyMosaics , that’s really useful to know. i think i will give my hermes a go.
when researching customer feedback online i did see a couple of horror stories, but i suppose there is a bad apple/ delivery driver in every bunch. it is very reassuring to hear that you’ve had a positive experience with them over some years
i really appreciate all your input folks

(Funky Mosaics) #10

You’re welcome!!

(Pauline Hayward) #11

I’d never had a bad experience with My Hermes it was just the stories I read. In fact I’ve had a few deliveries by them and they’ve been really good. They always put my deliveries in the porch and not left them outside, so I suppose it depends on the individual delivery man.

(Flamingo Tree) #12

yes @PaulinesCrafts i think you’re right. i have received deliveries from them with no problems.
i’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that my future customers have a local hermes delivery driver that is as reliable as mine

(Helen Smith) #13

I’m tracking a DPD parcel at the moment, had rather expected it to arrive here today since it was despatched Tuesday but it made its way to Northern Ireland yesterday - the wrong side of the Irish Sea for me unfortunately - was marked as a ‘system return’ and is apparently still sitting there. Not impressed.

Generally I’ve had no problem with Collect+ or MyHermes but I do prefer Royal Mail touch wood I haven’t experienced any of the lost parcel problems other people have reported.

(Rosesworkshop) #14

My items aren’t heavy or fragile, so Royal Mail works for me. My local post office counter is now open 7am to 10pm, so better than waiting in for a collection.

I’ve heard some courier companies pay the drivers as little as 49p per parcel! I wouldn’t expect a great service when their income depends on speed not quality.

(Victoria Hopkins) #15

Have you thought about just shipping your cushion covers. The shipping will be a lot cheaper which makes them much more attractive to customers price wise. A lot of cushion makers send covers only. You can help out with finding a pad but providing suggested suppliers to your customers.

(Flamingo Tree) #16

hi @UrbanEye , yes, i do plan on selling some standard cushion covers just as they come, but also i have a “luxury” range which have taken a lot of time to make and required more fabric and embellishments. i will have to charge a lot more for these and so i thought it made sense to go all out on these ones and include a feather cushion pad.

(Sasha Garrett) #17

kind of off topic but might some people have an allergy to feathers? Is it worth finding a luxury non feather equivalent so that people can choose. It was just a thought.

(Rachel) #18

Royal Mail here too, we have two post offices that open till 10pm which is wonderful too. For very large items I have used ipostparcels but found them to be unreliable on the time they deliver - they usually deliver before the time stated but thats no good to me if no one is there to sign. Rachel

(Rosesworkshop) #19

I give my UK customers the choice of no pad, polyester filled or feather filled; best for postage and for the customer. I don’t ship feather pads to international customers now as the regulations concerning avian flu are too much hassle.

(Flamingo Tree) #20

thanks @SashaGarrett i hadn’t considered allergies.
it seems like a choice of cushion pad is the way to go.