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Customer reviews are now displayed on your Shop page

New feature alert! Shop pages now display customer reviews.

If you go to a shop page and scroll down past the ‘About’ section, you’ll see the new ‘Reviews’ section at the bottom of the page (if it has received any reviews). This section displays the star rating given by the customer for the order, the items they purchased in that order, an image of the item/s purchased (unless they’ve been deleted) and a review if they have left one.

So now rather than just clicking on the star rating in shop pages banners, customers can read reviews directly on the page. We’re going to be adding reviews to item pages in the next few days too. This is all part of our ongoing work to improve our reviews system. Our next jobs are to 1) make it possible for guest buyers to leave reviews and 2) improve the way we prompt customers to leave reviews as so many don’t.

We hope you like it. Let me know if you have any questions.


Is there any chance you could make the black stars smaller and perhaps a different colour? Like yellow? Big black stars, and 5 of them, don’t quite much with the positive feedback idea…


I agree with @BelaFarCrafts the stars would look better in yellow (gold)…thank goodness I have 100% 5 stars…lol…

I’ll see what we can do :wink:


Have to agree - I hate the black stars!

It’s brilliant that we have reviews, proud to show my 100% feedback.
I do agree with stars being too big though.
Good job though Folksy, thank you :grin:x

Absolutely agree.

Oh, it would be fab to get rid of the black stars - they actually look a bit like empty stars where you only have a score of 0 out of 5! I did want to say something when they first appeared but I created such a fuss about having the yellow stars aligned to the left that I thought I had better keep quiet - lol!


Have to agree with everyone above, blank doesn’t do it for me either.

Loving the yellow.


Camilla thank you and from changing to gold stars. One little point … the photos are an odd dimension, not square as on the normal review page. My first, rainbow daisy is portrait and therefore looks very squished.
Ps that is on my phone. Not sure if squished on other machine.

Hi, Joy. I’ve just had a look and I’m not seeing any squishing on my computer or phone, sorry.
The images are shrunk-and-cropped to 100x100 pixels for the reviews, so could it be that your original image is slightly wider than it is tall and that causes the white border to look not-quite-square?

Doug, mine appear squished too and it looks like it’s to do with the length of the title of the item. The ones that have very short titles have square photos. The longer the title of the item, the more the photo gets squished and the narrower it becomes. Joy @JOYSofGLASS is that the same with yours?

I’ve been away from here for a while and just started relisting some of my items and I’m loving how this new reviewing display is looking. I think it will encourage more people to leave reviews. :slight_smile:

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Hmm. That sounds like a styling bug on some devices. I can’t see it on my computer or phone so I’ll have to have an investigate.
Could I ask what device you’re seeing the issue on, @PocketfulCreations and @JOYSofGLASS?

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Helen I don’t know. Couldn’t respond before, been sitting all day in CCU keeping Bob company while his lungs get back to normal after his heart bypass. Now I’m home, after the most horrendous drive in torrential rain with the roads all the way like lakes, I checked on here, my laptop, and they’re fine. So I looked on my phone and to my surprise they are now square. Thanks @dougfolksy whatever you did or didn’t do to fix it, now fixed. All my photos by the way are loaded up pretty well square and that daisy did look as if it had been squashed at the sides on my Android phone.

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Oh man, I hope you and Bob are okay.
Thanks so much for checking, especially after the day you had.

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Joy @JOYSofGLASS I hope Bob is continuing to improve. xx

Doug @dougfolksy The pictures look absolutely fine on my laptop where the screen is wide and the item title all fits on one line. It’s on my iPhone where the photos get squished, with the worst ones being associated with the items with the longer titles. Hope that helps.

Thanks Doug.

Meant to say that oddly the squashing seems to come and go. Sometimes they are portrait shaped and therefore squished, other times they are square and ok. Maybe it has to do with the wifi and the photos are not getting the chance to form fully. Not a major problem obviously and they are square at the moment.

Takes my mind off hospital looking at Folksy things ! xx