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Oooh noooo, no reviews

Oh my word! :))
Having no reviews would it put you off from buying from a shop?

Just realized not long ago that you can leave review on your puchased goodies, which is great! But I have had 14 sale and got none, 3 buyer has messaged back at the time when they receives their goodies (a lady who have bought 5 of my items and 2 different buyer) and told me how much they loved their items, I have messaged them to say thank you at that time. I wish i would have realised that you can leave a review, because someone I could have asked them, but not is too late to chase them after 2-3-4 months.

My question is…Can you message the buyers politely to ask for a review? Have you done that? Would you buy from someone who has no review (like me)? :frowning:

I would not message buyers for a review.
Only registered users can leave a review , guest buyers can’t - silly system . Perhaps your buyers were guests.

The whole review thing on here is not very obvious , so I wouldn’t worry.


Guest buyers (those not registered with Folksy) cannot leave feedback anyway, so you would only get a review from registered buyers.

No, I would never ask for feedback, either directly or indirectly and, if I were asked as a buyer, I wouldn’t leave any.

Would I buy without it? Yes, unless it was a really expensive item.


I wouldn’t contact people and ask them for a review, it could be seen as spamming them which is frowned upon.
I rarely look at reviews unless it is an expensive item or something that could vary massively depending on the quality/ level of tweeking of the photos (eg when I’ve been buying opals).

Oh I didn’t know that Deborah, only registered users can leave reviews, good to know :slight_smile: I must agree, the reviews are not too obvious, only realized 9-10 months after opening my shop :))

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Yeah I know that over the other side is against the rules, but wasn’t sure how about here. Thankfully I didn’t contact anyone, don’t want to chase people , lol and sooo glad that you all said is not too important :slight_smile:
Just trying to figure if that is the reason why sales are not coming or a different reason :slight_smile: thank you Sasha

i like to read reviews, but having said that if a shop has no reviews it wouldn’t put me off as i know that not very many people ever leave reviews.

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As a buyer I rarely leave reviews and to be honest more people are likely to write a review of a negative experience than a positive one. I often feel the saying ‘no news is good news’ fits the whole reviewing thing quite well!
As a buyer I don’t think I’d be put off buying from someone with no reviews- if I like the item I’ll buy regardless. The only thing that would put me off is if a negative review was left.
To be honest, if I ever do get a review (rarely ever happens- mainly on Art Finder than anywhere else) I actually have a little panic before I’ve read it just in case it’s a bad one!! Hahah

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i try and always leave reviews on places like folksy as when i sell items i like to know people have received the item and all is okayso i try and do the same for other sellers.

i would not ask somebody for a review though - i think it may come across badly.

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Thank you Susannah, I must agree with you, rather have no reviews then bad ones, but try to believe that all my customers where very happy with their purchase (i know 3 was :slight_smile:
Over the other side I have loads of reviews (all 5*) but I am the same as you, every time there is a notification i rush stressfully to check it out…nerve wrecking moments :))

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Thank you Sally, I am glad you don’t think is off putting :slight_smile: I feel all better now :slight_smile:

Did you realise, @NobiasArt, that sellers also have an opportunity to give feedback on buyers, provided they are registered with Folksy. This is a bit unnecessary because everything is prepaid and most transactions go smoothly. However I do fill it in now and then - I just put something like ‘Great customer, thank you.’ I wait a few days first just in case they send the item back! I have found that those buyers are more likely to respond with feedback on the product, so it’s worth a try!

I have to satisfy myself with verbal or email feedback, as with Ebay, I’m happier with nothing than negative. I had not realised about the guest buyers either.

Wooow thank you Patricia, I didn’t know about that neither :smiley: Is like a whole new world in here! Might try that one if it’s not too late for leaving a review :slight_smile:

I know what you mean Paula, I must admit I would hate to have a bad review…rather have none at all :))

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Definitely. I had my first from a colleague. A pearl earring came away, it was the first pair I had done and I’m not sure whether I didn’t use enough glue or the glue had gone off (something I learned about on here). Either way I’ve used loads more and opened a new tube to repair them! Was mortified! She was very good about it and is a regular customer.